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Key For 2002 Explorer

Discussion in 'General Explorations!!' started by davidmmm69, December 24, 2004.

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  1. davidmmm69

    davidmmm69 Elite Explorer

    September 1, 2003
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    Fall river ma
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    2010 Ford Explorer V6 Fall River Ma...
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    2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    Have a question??
    have a 2002 Explorer and thye only gave me one key with it,I bought 2 of them off of ebay and the ford dealer wants 35 each to cut and program them, Is that an ok price??
    and also if i just have them do one and i would then have 2 working keys can i and is it easy to program the 3rd myself to save a few dollars...

    Thanks in advance,

    David M
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  3. aldive

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