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    2013 Limited Gremlins

    My 2013 Limited has had a myriad of problems over the years, so let me just make it quick with what has been repaired or replaced thus far. In 2020, I had to replace the PTU twice due to the first one leaking and the second one cracked on the bottom of the unit. I also had the primary belt and...
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    Plenty of issues 2013 limited

    first of all, i would like to apologize for not capitalizing anything as my shift key is broken. i have a 2013 explorer limited that i purchased two years ago with 120,000 on it. i had the common propane smell and jerking during acceleration and the dealer replaced the leaking ptu free of...
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    How to Lube Pinion Seal on Electronic Steering? 2013 XLT

    In our 2013 XLT there is a squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel. Granted, it's not the whine that is typically associated with the power steering going out, and I've even taken it to a mechanic who said that isn't the issue. It's more like the noise you hear when you use dry erase...
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    2013 2nd Row Seat Stuck in Tumbled Position

    Hello. My 2nd row driver-side seat (60/40) is stuck in the down position. The pull cable is not releasing the latch from the hinge. I have tugged and tugged and tugged. Does anyone know if there is a release somewhere on the seat? Any help would be great. Thank you
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    Help with 2013 Explorer PIU Console Questions....

    Hey all! I've been reading every post I can find about my missing console, but still have questions and need help! Short of trying to get a deputy to let me go through his PIU and possibly take photos (which I doubt is going to happen ; ) I searched our county's facebook, etc., for details on...
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    Defroster grille question -- 2013 Explorer XLT

    Hey guys - First-time poster. Bought my 2013 last summer and am loving it. Only issue I've had so far is an incessant rattle in the dashboard. To me, as a total newbie and non mechanic, it sounds like previous owner dropped something in there, because it moves from left side to center at times...
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    Ballistic Panel rattle

    Hi, I just recently purchased a 2013 PIU with 81,000 on it. I've done my due diligence, but I can't find any repair or removal information on the ballistic panels. I'm not sure of the panel manufacturer without pulling the door skin but my best guess is angel armor. They rattle when I close the...
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    New interceptor owner

    Hello everyone. I just purchased a 2013 PIU and I'm looking forward to seeing what the community has done to their trucks and I'll be glad to learn from you veterans.
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    Can I substitute "tags" when replacing transmission?

    the transmission is failing on my 13 XLT 2.0l ecoboost. The current transmission tag is DE9P-7000-LA. Ford seems to sell the same remanufactured replacement (or at least the same tag number EE9Z -7000-ARM) for many different transmissions, which leads me to wonder if there are other...
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    New Member

    Hello all, just bought a used (163km) 2013 Explorer Limited and got some good tips from some of these threads already. I've never owned a Ford vehicle before so I'm sure I will be using this page a lot.
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    Hood Steam

    Curious question, and I'm sorry I won't be able to provide a picture as I simply couldn't get the steam to show up adequately on a photo. To make a long story short, any time I drive somewhere in the rain (in my '13 explorer limited AWD v6) and I remain in the vehicle at my destination with...
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    2013 Sport Rear Shock Recommendations

    I noticed I have a leaking rear shock on my Sport so it is time to replace them. All suspension and wheels are stock. Looking for recommendations. Should I replace with stock Motorcraft or aftermarket like KYB, Monroe, Bilstien or other? Thanks
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    2013 Explorer XLT Media Hub Lid Latch

    The Media Hub lid latch, the one that the says"Sync" on it in the upper middle console above the cup holders,has failed, the little spring that makes it actually latch, fell out of the latch itself. anyone have a remedy?
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    2013 explorer 3.5 rough idle p219a and p0303

    Stopped at a gas station and afterwards check engine light came on. Throwing code p219a and p0303. Rough idle and drinking some gas. Have had the coils and plugs and injectors checked and cleaned. Everything is running right. Changed the purge valve, still not fixed. Clear the codes and start...
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    Replacing bench with 2nd row bucket seats

    I am considering buying the 2011 Explorer. I would really want to get the 2 bucket seats in the second row, but as far as packages go - this is only available in Limited with Rapid Spec 301A with Luxury Seating Package. That forces me to buy a lot of features I am not interested in. My...
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    Positive Battery Terminal and using Jumper Cables

    Hi all! So...I was helping out a friend today and had to jump start his truck. It's my first time having to jump from the Explorer and OMG, how stupid is the positive terminal?!?! Trying to get a decent connection with the aligator clamp on the jumper cable is near impossible. Just getting the...
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    2013 Explorer High Pitch Squeak 38k miles

    Hey all, I am not new to the forum, I have had an account since 2008 and lost my password so here I am. I recently upgraded from a 2003 Explorer XLT the died at 200k miles (great vehicle I put 100k miles on it personally). Anyway, I now have a 2013 Explorer Base (with added leather ). I have a...
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    2013 Explorer Power Point / Cigarette Lighter Power Issue

    Good Morning All! First off, I apologize if this has been hit somewhere else on the boards, but I couldn't quite find anything more than fuse locations. Situation: The Power Point in my little front cubby under the radio is dead, as is the one in the middle compartment, and the back of that...
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    2013 XSport Sony Speaker Sizes & Locations

    I am wondering what size speakers are in my 2013 XSport. Dash says Sony. I see speaks in front door (6.5"?) and tweets in front door (1"?). I see a speaker (or is it 2 speakers) in the center dash (3.5"?). Rear doors have 6.5" speaks, but don't see any tweets in 2nd seating area anywhere. In the...
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    2013 Explorer Won't Start (Start Button Doesn't Respond)

    So my Ford Explorer 2013 Limited is giving me hard times.. First I was driving and randomly all electronics went off, back on and back off again. So i'm driving and non of the electronics is working, including speedometer. I stopped, turned the car off, and then it wouldn't start again. Start...
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    Question on how to remove headlight on 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

    Hey everyone, It had been a while since I been on this site so it's taking me a while to figure out things again. Reason I am posting is that I am trying to add oracle halo kit to my 2013 Ford Explorer sport headlights and was wondering what the process for headlight removal is and would this...
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    Rear bumper replaced now camera grainy

    I've always loved the rear camera resolution of my 2013 Explorer. I had to have the 3 piece non-painted portion of the bumper replaced. After picking up from the Ford body shop, I noticed my camera looks grainy. Any ideas how this repair would effect the camera as the camera is installed above...
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    Replace the mirror turn signal / blinker light strip

    Some nice person clipped my driver side mirror light strip and broke it. Can yall point me in the right direction for the repair, I have been searching the forum for 2 days and found nothing. I already have the part just need to figure out how to put it in. Thank you (2014 explorer sport tux black)
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    Power Liftgate doesn't raise entirely

    I have a 2012 Explorer and my power liftgate does not raise entirely. I noticed this about 2 weeks ago. This weekend its raise has decreased even more. I can manually raise it the rest of the way and it shuts completely manually and when powered. I am thinking it's the hydraulic arms...
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    Help please! Dealer has left us in the dark, still no 2013 explorer yet

    Hello. I am hoping someone from Ford can help me. My husband and I ordered a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT with several options including a tow package on May 3 and we still have no word from the dealer (Henderson Ford in Webster, NY) as to the status and whether or not the truck hit the production...