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  1. rewind1

    4.6 Timing Chain Walkthrough

    I've been sucking info from this forum for a long time. Now that I'm doing a big job I thought I'd give a little back. My 03 ex has been making some ticking sounds in the front of the engine, from info I've gathered on these forums I've determined that it is most likely timing chain related...
  2. J

    4.0 Crapped out, 4.6 Transplant!

    Driving home a few weeks ago when the truck started driving like crap. Replaced everything I could with out pulling the motor. Took it to Ford they said they couldn't figure it out after the $120 test, but they could send it to the engine guy for around $2,000... So instead it is getting a V8...
  3. F

    4.6l DOHC ?

    Does anyone know of anyone that has succesfully completed a swap like this?
  4. C

    5R55W to T-5 Swap

    Hey guys been a while since i've been wondering around here again. Anywayzz I have a Mercury Mountaineer in my garage and its proximate to a almos hole tear down sinc eit has many things to fix like the Differential(leak) engine heads sounds like a hurt valve and etc etc. in the TO...
  5. B

    Restricted Air Flow

    I had just taken the "Air Inlet Tube" on the intake side of the air box. I took the tube out on my '04 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.6L V-8. To allow more air into the engine. I went for a test drive, and it turned out like a whole different V-8 i was driving. I had way more acceleration at 0 mph. and...
  6. B

    Engine Swap

    I hydrolocked my engine and it is beyond repair. I was wondering if anyone knew about the problems I might run into if I try to drop a 4.6 in (previously was a 4.0) my 2002 Explorer XLT. Or if it isn't even possible. Thanks Guys! Kevin
  7. willindsay

    Broken Intake Tube?

    Today While I was trying to put on a MAF from a 4.6L Town Car I discovered that my air intake tube has apperently made contact with some moving part and has pieces broken off on the TB side. So should I just see if I can find one in good condition or is there a better one out there or can I...
  8. T

    About to dive into my 4.6L quad cam 93 Ex build

    I picked up a 2wd 93 Ex 5 spd for some small change I had in my pocket a while back. Its quick being a 5spd 2 door 2wd but I want it to be fast! I've been searching craigslist for the past couple of months looking for a mustang donor car to drop a 5.0L in but around here people think their...
  9. P

    k&n intake on 2004 explorer v8

    ok i just recieved my 57series k&n intake and i thought you guys needed to hear it if you havnt already. the kit was 300$ at autozone you can find them online for as cheap as 270$ with free shipping but i couldnt wait. this was super easy to install 30mins start to finish.i got a boner the firt...