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  1. M

    Anybody know what this is??

    Does anybody know what this is? Found in the bottom of my transmission pan. It's been slipping pretty bad lately so I figured I would drop the pan and check for metal shavings and replace the filter and fluid. This is what I found. Also, is that considered a lot of metal shavings? Trying to...
  2. P

    Help after transmission replacement

    So I bought a remanufactured transmission from shiftright. It's in a 2002 ford explorer sport trac 4x4 with the 5r55e transmission. Removal and reinstall went smoothly. But I took it for a test drive and noticed my speedometer is off. Like way off. I'm going 20 and its reading 80, that level of...
  3. D

    Best price on a TCC solenoid for 5R55E 4WD

    Looking for the best price on a TCC solenoid for a 4WD 5R55E, not sure if I need a bracket with it or not but yall will inform me if I do, so far the lowest I have found was on eBay for $43, would also like a transmission filter kit if you know any good ones that are cheap. Thank you in advance.
  4. J

    2003 Sport Trac 5r55e 4x4 w/ no reverse nor engine braking

    My sport trac has lost it's reverse and it's 1st gear engine braking. I'm having trouble diagnosing what's wrong. I tried installing a rebuilt valve body w/ rebuilt solenoids too because when I took everything down from underneath, looking behind the reverse servo it looked like the reverse band...
  5. E

    97 Ford Explorer OBDII Transmission Temperature

    Hi All, I haven't been able to find much information about using an OBDII scanner for a 97-01 ford explorer and whether they read transmission temperatures? Does anyone know if they do and can recommend any sensors? Thanks Chris
  6. H

    Transmission Solenoid Tests

    Hey guys, I got a problem with my 5R55E transmission where it won’t go into overdrive and the OD light starts flashing once I get to about 50 mph. Me and my dad installed those modified servo pistons with the O rings hoping that’d fix it. It didn’t. I got it hooked up to the computer and it’s...
  7. J

    5r55e trans replacement question

    So I recently have attempted to replace my transmission with what looked like a good one from a junkyard. After installing it throws no codes but will not engage any gear I shift into. Do I need to install it into my computer and if so how. Thanks guys
  8. H

    99 exploreer trans issue

    so i went to pull out of my driver the other morning and as I was pulling out I felt a pop, now the truck acts like its constantly in neutral really need some help seeing how I don't really have any money to put into it right now. its a 99 Explorer 4.0 SOHC with an automatic trans. odometer says...
  9. M

    2005 ford xlt transmissions

    whats the difference between the 5r55, 5r55e, 5r55w transmissions? i found where it said i have a 5r55 trans. no e or w or any other letter behind it. its a 2005 ford explorer xlt 4.0l 4x4 v6. i need to find the big wiring harness. jerk sold the trans and box and just cut the wiring harness...
  10. mfitz725

    Looking for your opinion

    As I think I noted on a previous post my 99 Limited 4x4 4.0 SOHC decided Dec 14 that the transmission wasn't going to transmission any longer. I'm not sure I could handle a trans job, engine I don't hesitate. I.had just finished paying off $1100front end job(had nowhere to work on it then) and...
  11. S

    5R55E slipping out of first gear when warm

    I have a 5R55E transmission that has been slipping out of first gear, almost into neutral it seems, and I have to remove my foot from the gas, and let it clunk back into gear, then it's fine. It only will do this when the transmission fluid is warm, only once, then drive with no symptoms. Or if...
  12. Elessar65

    5R55E cooler line fitting at trans

    Long ago, I smashed flat the metal lines for the cooler that run under the rad. I cut them out and replaced them with rubber back then. I've long since replaced the stock external cooler with one that came with AN fittings (which I replaced with barbs for said rubber line), I'm tired of...
  13. J

    05 sport trac 5r55e R/OD ,D sometimes work?

    New member but recently dedicated fan of the forum.. Ok problem appeared on freeway. Wont lie, i floored it to pass someone who wouldnt let me get over.. when i put the pedal down felt as if the truck went into neutral. I quickly found that warm or cold. I can start in either 1,2 on the...
  14. 2

    Transmission Mount Opinion

    So I’ve had a vibration in the cabin that’s gotten worse over the years ever since my transmission was lifted off the mount to replace the rear main seal. It’s noticeably worse when in drive or reverse at a stop, but gets better when in park or neutral. Indicating that the vibration occurs when...
  15. F

    5R55E rough forward shifts

    i recently picked up a 2001 explorer xlt SOHC with 150k on it. i have owned enough of these to know that something odd is going on with the transmission. All forward gears shift harshly...the engagement from park to drive is also harsh. Reverse engages very smoothly every time, no slamming...
  16. S

    Solved Stuck O.D. servo.

    Currently attempting to install the aj1e servo correction kit, but I can't seem to get the OD servo out. I was able to get the cap out by spinning and prying with the screw driver but the servo itself is not wanting to come out. I've attempted spinning the servo while tapping the case, but no...
  17. H


    I have been searching everywhere I could for months trying to figure out how to put a winters shifter on my 2005 Sport Trac that has the 5r55e transmission. I couldn’t find anywhere of someone adapting (or at least talking about it) a winters shifter. Since I was successful on the install, I...
  18. B

    Reverse servo gasket

    Can anyone tell me how this goes on? I took it apart a week ago and now have valve body in and don't rememer ber.
  19. S

    5R55E Won't Engage In Any Shifter Position

    I have to start by saying I have read many of your transmission posts in the past and they have been very helpful with a third gear issue I had about a half year ago. I adjusted the band and solved that problem. I also must tell you that you are all much more adventurous about working on...
  20. L

    1998 explorer no drive or reverse only 1 and 2

    1998 ford explorer wont move in drive or reverse, will crawl if rpms get high enough. Only 1 and 2 work. With overdrive off can start in 2nd and shift into drive and it will move normally.
  21. B

    No Drive in D but have reverse

    I've got myself a '98 XLT 4x4 SOHC 4.0. Haven't posed before so don't really know my way round here. Looks like a great site. Here in OZ, bit harder to find info. I have the trans issues people often mention.Mine seems a little rarer in that I can take off in second only( no drive in D) but...
  22. O

    Solving shift flare before it ever occurres?

    Has anyone ever tried the Servo bore o-ring fix before experiencing any delayed/hard shifts from 2-3 and 4-5? I have an ‘03 Explorer and it shifts fine but I anticipate it will start “flaring” between shifts. I’m familiar with the simplicity of the fix —temporary or not — and I’m considering...
  23. E

    5R55e testing after rebuild -- problems

    I rebuilt my 5r55e, changing all the soft parts and several of the hard parts. Everything looks good tolerance wise. But since I've never done this before I thought I would test it before reconnecting the drive shafts. Without a load, I found that in R it spins ok and the engine idles up...
  24. F

    1998 4.0 sohc 156,000 5R55E Broken Reverse Band

    Is there a best path to go down for this. Absolutely no forward shift flares or other problems with the transmission but it has been babied, never towed anything.. Minor tension rattle on start up - might dictate how I approach the broken reverse band. Rock auto remanufactured is 15XX $...
  25. C

    Installing New Valve Body - HELP!

    Hey guys. So I have a 2WD, 2005 Sport Trac. The truck has been having numerous transmission issues, and I was told by a Ford Mechanic that it is likely due to one or more issues with the valve body, or solenoids. So, I decided to just replace them both to make sure the issue is solved. I...