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  1. M

    M5R1 clutch reccommendation (93' Sport)

    So after my patchwork mess of a clutch replacement 8 years ago and seeing slipping, esp when cold outside,...I'm getting started, probably a little early prepping to do the whole shindig myself. Much more favorable circumstances this time. What I have learned this go around.... 1). ALWAYS use...
  2. W

    M5OD Clutch Release Bearing Replacement Hint...

    I just learned something about the hydraulic clutch system on my 96 Sport 5 speed manual and thought I would share it with everyone else. I'm sure there are those of you out there that already know this but if you run into the same situation I did this will help. A little over 3 years ago I...
  3. S

    Lost S/C bleeder screw inside transmission

    I opened the S/C bleeder screw and did not get any fluid flow, just the occasional small bubble. I removed the bleeder screw thinking it might be clogged. Found this clumpy white stuff clogging it up, and slowly coming out of bleeder screw port. I finally got fluid flow and went to put bleeder...
  4. 1

    What is this clutch issue?

    What is going on when I start the engine in reverse with the clutch engaged and it reverses without disengaging the clutch? I clearly have a clutch problem. Initially, I assumed I just needed to bleed air out of the system as I could not shift beyond the gear I start the vehicle in. I'm...
  5. B

    New To Me 94 Sport RWD Manual - First Things First

    Hi All. Was gifted a high mileage (210k) but garage kept 94 Sport RWD w. Manual Trans. Looking for some advice on maintaining and improving such a beautiful high mileage machine. I'm partial to the stock look of it so lift kits etc aren't my thing. Mostly for city driving and occasional...
  6. W

    Clutch Only versus Compressor Assembly Replacement

    2004 Explorer XLT 4.0 v6 with 200,000 miles Air conditioning has been working fine, car is working fine. A few days ago I get home from work and shut down the engine and I hear what can only be described as a fan being slowed down with a piece of cardboard, noise is coming from under the hood...
  7. K

    Transmission, clutch or what???

    Vehicle: 98 Ford explorer XLT, manual transmission 1. Shifter Stick is loose 2. Vibration throughout the vehicle 3. HIGH rpms when accelerating 4. Loss of power So the back story. One day I was driving out of town. Coming across a ridiculously busy street for a small town I was waiting to make...
  8. D

    Clutch Pilot Bearing: Is there a sleeve? Where to get one?

    Alright. I've got a 93 Explorer Sport 4x4. My clutch started slipping. It got pretty bad pretty quickly, despite having the clutch replaced at the end of last year. I have concluded that the rear main seal probably failed and leaked oil onto my clutch. Either that, or the flywheel failed. Either...
  9. TxCowgirlInCo

    Very sick 1st Gen: Engine issues, clutch drag & slip..

    Wanted y'alls input on something: what goes through your mind when you think about the following: 4.0L OHV less than 150k miles. Previous: Slight, steady, slow rear main leak - no other running / drivability issues. Vehicle out of owners possession for period of time and believes 'something...
  10. firefly1246

    v8 A/C Compressor, what is easiest way to remove it??

    Hey Guys, So it is super hot (in the 90s in SC) and I need to replace the air conditioning compressor on my v8 4x4 '04 Explorer. Can anybody offer any advice on the easiest way to remove the compressor? It doesn't appear going through the top is an option, and it looks really tough to go...
  11. T

    hydraulic clutch line replacement

    His do I get the line loose from the master cylinder
  12. D

    Transfer Case Clutch Assembly Question

    I am not a mechanic. With that said I had an issue with 1997 Explorer E.B. V6 4WD transfer case. I pulled it and am following the 4405 rebuild instructions contained here in the forum. I got everything apart and am waiting on the Omega arm and Hi/low gear thing. This afternoon the kids hit the...
  13. J

    96 Ranger Rumbling

    I have a 96 Ranger with a 5 spd manual transmission, with over 200,000 miles on it, recently I noticed a rumbling and small vibration while driving. I replaced the front inner and outer wheel bearings just a month ago. I don't think it is anything to do with bearings, cv joint, etc but my...
  14. 2

    A/c clutch replacement.

    I need to replace th clutch on my compressor soon as it grinds when it engages. From what I've seen, it involves removing the bolt and a ring to remove the bearing. Then you use a feeler gauge to set the correct space. Is that all there is to it? I've also found this kit from advanced auto...
  15. R

    Another Clutch problem on this forum

    Hello, I'm new but not new to this forum. i have finally decided to register but i have read a lot of articles and have gotten a lot of great help over the last 5 years or so (running history of ford vehicles). I have tried the search function and read up on some things but I'm slightly...
  16. N

    91 Ford Explorer A/C issues

    Whats up guys, Im new to the forum (as far as being registered) but I have used you guys info to fix a lot of things on my truck. Here's the issue that had me to sign up as I can't seem to fix the problem I am having. So I bought this truck for work and the A/C isn't working. It was a mess...
  17. M

    Jerking/Jumping in first gear

    Hey this is my first problem post. Anyway, I have a 2000 Ford Explorer with a manual tranny and the 4.0L V6 (OHV). I have a problem where when I go from a stoplight it Jerks/Jumps when I let the clutch out. My brother told me it might be a glazed over flywheel, and my Dad told me it may be a...
  18. 9

    V8 swap clutch hook up

    Alright guys I'm fown to hooking up a clutch and my v8 swap is complete - has anyone installed a T5? Did you use a cable or convert to hydraulic? I have a cable but can't seem to get it to function correctly - any help is appreciated
  19. P

    85 Ranger,Will not engage gears?

    Hello folks.I would appreciate any info regarding transmission/transfer case/clutch on a recently purchased Ford Ranger.Ill explain the best I can.The truck was gifted to a teenage girl by her grandfather,she owned it 2 weeks,truck supposedly ran well,then suddenly stopped moving.Someone told...
  20. E

    Radiator Fan - Electronic Clutch Question

    hey all.. Love the forums! I've searched the entire internet high and low and can't find anything. Hope you guys can help! I have a 2006 XLT 4x4 explorer fitted with an electronically controlled radiator fan clutch. I would like to wire a bypass switch to engage my fan to high when needed...
  21. F

    Help!! Sticking clutch. Need advice for brand of new clutch.

    Hello everyone, I would like to start out with I am not very knowledgable about vehicle repairs. However I do have common sense and Internet acess. I am looking at replacing my whole clutch system(slave, pressure plate, etc) I had brought it in to a ford dealership and had my clutch...
  22. I

    Fuel Sending Unit and Clutch

    Today I went to look at a 91 Explorer XL 4x4 5 speed. Was a solid truck just had one thing that was a major concern. The fuel gauge doesnt work so I am guessing it is the sending unit.:thumbdwn:Is this a common thing? How difficult is it to replace the unit and about how much time is involved...
  23. Sheepdogg

    Aftermarket Clutch

    Well the Sploder is in need of a clutch soon and I wanted to get some feedback on what people are using and their reviews. :exp::exp::exp::exp:
  24. F

    help need advice clutch wont disengage

    Hi there people... i have a 94 explo which the clutch wont disengage.. if i try to shift it with the clutch depressed i wont hear any grinding... and if i let go of the clutch the explo wont move but if i accelerate it between 7krpm for 40sec or more the explo would move and it will continue...
  25. W

    AC is hot, low side pressure ok???

    I've searched the forum for a couple days, but I'm not sure what to do. Apologies if this has been covered already. My AC blows warm, but everything else works. I got an AC pro kit, and measured the low side pressure, which was only slightly low. I filled it, rechecked, and nothing. Waited a...