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Painted Grille


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September 4, 2011
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Midland, Texas
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2011 Explorer XLT 4WD
Wanted to get people's thoughts/experiences for those who have painted their grille. I have a 2011 White, XLT, 4WD and after a year and a half of keeping everything stock, I'm looking to make some mods now. For a while I've wanted to paint the grille black and when I saw pictures of the Sport model, that really pushed me to look into it. I took it to a local body shop and they were skeptical of taking on the job. They mentioned when sanding the grille, they would not be able to properly sand inside the grille hole's on the upper and lower bar. They were afraid that within a year or 2 that the paint would start to peel inside those holes and spread from there and I would have to repaint the whole grille once again.

For those who have already painted, is this really an issue to be concerned about? And how has the paint held up? Thanks for the help

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Welcome to the forums ttuwillie13!

A couple of folks here have painted their grills, so I imagine someone will chime in regarding durability before too long.

Had mine painted, gunmetal....


i painted mine on 04 mountaineer used krylon plastic flat black spray paint lasted 3years now live in northeast

Had mine painted, gunmetal....

Wow, looks great! I think I'm going to go ahead and paint mine. Not the biggest fan of the silver finish on my XLT right now. Had been wanting to paint it black for a while and when the pics came out for the new Sport model, I was sold.

That looks really good black! I think i would of left the Ford logo blue though.

I kept the Ford logo as it is at first but it stuck out so much and did not like the look, so I blacked it out. Im going to paint the explorer letters black next.

where did you get the explorer letters?

Great work on blacking out the grill.
I'd also keep the logo on its true color :)