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  1. J

    Won't start after running hot

    Hey y'all. I gotta '02 explorer from a guy who told me after running hot he kept on driving a good bit in order to get it home. So I thought I'd be fixing an overheating problem but what he didn't tell me is its not running at all. It will crank and start some but shuts off immediately. Its...
  2. T

    99 explorer sport please Help!! Can't figure this thing out

    Forums>Gonna need lots of help> Hey guys, I'm new to this so please bare with me. My wife and I recently purchased a 99 explorer sport for our daughters first vehicle. Shortly after we bought it man did the ol' problems arrive. Started off with the transmission feeling alittle jumpy and...
  3. T

    Gonna need lots of help

    Hey guys, I'm new to this so please bare with me. My wife and I recently purchased a 99 explorer sport for our daughters first vehicle. Shortly after we bought it man did the ol' problems arrive. Started off with the transmission feeling alittle jumpy and unsmooth and a loss of power. I had it...
  4. C

    LED Headlight Conversions

    Has anyone done a conversion to LED headlights on a 2011-15 Explorer? If so, what kit? I have a 2014 Limited and was considering HID conversion, but would rather go LED if they are as good as HID. Also, how does the LED work in the halogen projectors?
  5. T

    getting ready for cross country trek: need advice on improving gas mpg Plus

    hi you all. i rarely post but have lurked and learned amazing things that have helped me maintain and fix my two oldies but goodies. your advice helped me to change my heater core myself last month and fix a engine light connundrum. wanted to say thanks. ok, here is latest. will try to be...
  6. O

    What kind of parking sensors are available for the 2017 Explorer Sport?

    Hi there, I've test driven a 2017 Explorer Sport and was quite happy with the car. My only concern (coming from a sports coupe) is parking a car of this size, especially parallel parking in the city. Unfortunately I am finding conflicting information about the kind of parking sensors that are...
  7. 2

    How To: 2nd Gen OEM Parking Sensors

    Hey Explorerforum. I've been on this site for a while now and it's helped me out a lot over the years, so I'm happy that I can contribute something in return. I've always wanted to post a "How To" thread, so here it goes. A while back I considered buying and installing aftermarket parking...
  8. M

    Help with whining sound from transmission/transfercase

    Today I changed both the transfer case sensors because my 4x4 wasn't shifting into low. It now works but for some reason when i drive above 20 mph I hear a whining sound. It continues to get higher until I slow down then gets lower. I cant imagine replacing the sensors could of caused this but...
  9. S

    Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting

    I have a 91 Ford Explorer and I am having a bear of a time trying to fix my transmission. I am on a very tight budget and can't afford to drop the truck off at AAMCO or any other shop to have them diagnose or repair. I have an A4LD transmission with about 120k on it. Here are the symptoms...
  10. A

    CMP, DPFE & Purge Silinoid?

    Excuse the spelling on the last one, but I took my 94 explorer with a 4.0 that I just bought for a diagnostic and these are the 3 major things they told me needed replacing. They said they aren't in need of being fixed immediately but will give me trouble down the line. Can someone explaine to...
  11. S

    Roll stability sensor

    any info on the roll stability sensor, location and how it actually works?
  12. T

    93 dies after 20 seconds of idle

    LAst week, exp was running rough,on the way home from work, I found that the plug on vacuum port at rear of plenum had fallen off, I re covered it, and it runs OK. NO Check Engine Light. But, when it starts, the idle runs high for about 20 seconds, then kicks down low and goes lower till...
  13. J

    Please Help!! just the sensors get hot

    :eek: I have a 91 Ford Explorer 4x4 that when and if it starts it doesnt want to stay running I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, mass air flow sensor, idle air control valve, throttle position sensor, computer brain. When it does start it idles rough and dont...
  14. B

    speedo jumping issues

    alright on my 93 xlt explorer with decent acceleration, my speedometer jumps around 30 to 35, then again from 40 to around 50 (between gear shifts) like it hesitates, then flies up a few mph. It did the 30 to 35 awhile ago and thought nothing of it, but recently started at 40 and so on. Is it...
  15. S

    Wheel Sensor Compatibility

    I got a buddy that wants to sell me his 2011 Ford Explorer 20 inch wheels and tires for a great price. The only problem I can think of is the wheel sensors. Would his wheel sensors be compatible with my 2007 XLT? Has anybody have some experience with this. Thanks
  16. D

    1997 Explorer XLT 4x4 speed sensor problem?

    Hi, Sometimes (but not all of the time) when I attempt to put my truck into 4WD the transfer case will not engage, and the little lights in the instrument panel will blink a few times and go off. But, if I put the truck in park, shut the truck off and crank it back up again and put it in...
  17. S

    sensors of humor

    my ABS light is on all the time and the brake light is on most of the time , except when I shift while accelerating (it goes off and then back on). I think the sensors like playing pranks. Previously, I had the check engine and ABS lights on all the time; my right rear brake light was not...