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  1. J

    1996 Explorer sun roof

    Hello all, I have a 1996 Explorer Ltd. Today, for the first time, the sun roof would operate to open but would not close. I removed the upper console (all other functions were normal) and looked for any obvious signs of failure with the switch, then manually closed to roof. Finding no signs of a...
  2. H

    Iso mirror switch

    Im looking to see if anyone has a mirror switch for a first gen they'd like to sell, mine works going up and left but not down and right. Thanks.
  3. 2

    Strange Oil Gauge Issue

    My oil gauge is going crazy lately when I accelerate and moves a bit at idle. This has happened before because my original oil switch broke. But after replacing it the problem went away. That was a few years ago. This time my oil gauge is going crazy but only when my battery gauge is low...
  4. Exploring XLT

    Aftermarket switch install location

    I installed a few switches into my Explorer's center console yesterday, as well as 12v and usb power in the back of the console, just thought I would share some pics for anyone else looking to do it as I couldn't find a thread on it when I started. I put in four switches in the bottom of the...
  5. M

    2005 Explorer 211xxx Miles. left and right low beams wont turn on.

    my low beams won't work, all other lights work. I checked the fuses, the fuses are fine. I replaced the fuses anyways with some fuses that I have. still won't work. I highly doubt that both bulbs blew out at the same time. dad thinks that it may be the switch and I agree with him. Anyone have...
  6. Rhett

    headlight switch connector question

    So I had some intermittent blinking of my interior lights. Knowing the ol fried headlight switch issues we sometimes have, I pulled the dash and pulled the switch and its connector.... Yeah. Ouch! And the switch is getting replaced too. The resistance and heat there got the switch too...
  7. R

    Aways on cruise control

    I've always thought it was odd how Ford (and others but not my VW's) required the cruise to be turned on with a momentary rather than static button before enabling it. Has anyone come up with a way to trick the system to start with the cruise in the ON position (rather than default OFF) when...
  8. M

    Supposed to feel transmission shifting?

    On my '05 Explorer, when driving and steadily accelerating, I can feel when the transmission shifts from say, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th, etc. How many gears does this thing have to shift to? Are you supposed to feel it shift? It doesn't feel like a clunk, a bang, a grind; nothing like that. I...
  9. C

    Moon roof will open, but not close

    Hello everyone, On my 2004 Sport Trac, the moon roof has developed a problem where it will open but not close. It got stuck open, and would open further, but not close. I took down the overhead console and manually cranked it shut. It would once more open, but not close again with the switch...
  10. C

    On/Off Rocker switch found in engine compartment, what is it?

    Went to put in hood struts today and found a switch in the engine compartment laying on the headlight access panel. I have no idea what it may go to. I had the car in a shop about 2 weeks ago for a oil change and a issue with my fog lights. http://imgur.com/jWd23uU http://imgur.com/jojrtDa...
  11. G

    Key switch problem

    Hi, new to the forum. I have a 2008 explorer with an ignition problem also. Somebody replaced the remote unlock unit with a generic one. It works but the ignition switch is probably bad. The seat goes back and forth, with the slightest movement of the switch. Mostly pushing in or turning. This...
  12. S

    Solved Regulator window switch working in reverse - up is down/down is up

    My rear passenger window in my '02 crapped out. I replaced it with an aftermarket regulator/motor assembly. It works, but at both the master switch and rear door window switch, to put it up you press down and vice versa. No wiring was changed. Any ideas on why this is happening or how to fix...
  13. 9

    Reverse light hook up

    Ok so ive searched Google and the forums and I can't seem to find what I need. I did a Shelby spec 302 swap over the last few years and in turn also sealed in a Borg Warner T5 - my 1993 explorer was originally an a4ld. I'm trying to find the reverse light wires on a supposed 5pin plug and hook...
  14. D

    Electric Door Lock Switches

    I have a rather weird thing happening with my electric door locks. On the driver's side and passenger side, I can get the doors to unlock with the switch, but they won't lock with the switch. HOWEVER, and this is the really weird part, when I go to the switch inside the back tailgate, it works...
  15. B

    What does this button do

    I have a 94 explorer 4x4 i have a switch under the rear washer button it is 3 position the right side says driving cant tell what the left side says w g at is it for?
  16. E

    Master Window Switch Works, All Others Don't

    I have an 2005 XLS explorer and recently the passenger window and both back window switches stopped working. Everything works from the master control switch and I checked the fuse box under the hood and everything looked good. Is there another fuse under the dash that could be the cause or does...
  17. L

    Why is the headlight switch getting hot?

    Recently bought a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer. All of a sudden the headlights didn't work. Found a spare headlight switch in the back of the car from previous owner. Looked at switch and pigtail was somewhat melted but was running fine according to voltage regulator. Light switch power seems to...
  18. 0

    A/C resistor and switch going bad

    This is about my friends 1999 6 cylinder F150. His A/C fan will only operate on the HI and Low setting, no middle, either wide open or very small. The guy at the shop said he needed a new fan switch and resistor. We replaced that and it worked for the afternoon then that evening it went back...
  19. J

    Testing Sport Trac back window motor

    2002 Sport Trac. I have replaced the back window regulator and followed the diagnostic procedure for the switch and believe it is functioning correctly. The old motor did not respond to the initialization procedure, so I purchased another. It also does not respond to either of the...
  20. B

    window switch, 97' explorer

    I have a '97 ford explorer XLT my window switch stopped working, its the drivers so now none of them are working, It cant be a fuse because the book says it runs off the same one as the power seat and locks witch both still work, I also put two new switches on that I got from the pull-it yard...
  21. F

    ac switch issues

    so until recently i have had little to no problems with my 94 explorer. the ac switch apparently has a short in it. does anybody know where i can find an actual helpful wiring diagram or helpful tips so that i dont screw up the wiring once i get the new switch.
  22. J

    Explorer Cruise Control Diagnosis Help

    I have a 2000 Ford Explorer XLS and need some help diagnosing my cruise control problem. The switches on the steering wheel light up, but when I click the on button the cruise control light on the dash doesn't come on. I haven't dug too deep into the module, but I'm guessing I just need to...
  23. 2

    Cruise Control Switch.

    Hey everyone, I just changed out the recall switch for the cruise control on my X. I found a new harness at the local junkyard out of another 2nd gen. My old switch only had one fuse but the new one has two. It hooked right up and for the first time in years, I now have cruise control again...
  24. S

    2004 Explorer Heated Seated

    Guys I've got two separate issues involving both my driver's side and passenger's side heated seats. 1) My passenger side seat heater has been stuck on for some time now. I know its a bad switch, but I do not know which switch is for the heater. I have one of my seats unbolted and there are...
  25. M

    '92 XLT starts and runs great UNTIL YOU RELEASE THE KEY

    My 1992 Ford Explorer XLT (4.0L V6, automatic, tilt wheel) starts and runs, but when the key is released and springs back to "run" position, the engine dies. While holding the key between "start" and "run", the engine runs but the electrics (blower motor, wipers) don't work. I replaced...