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05 Explorer-No Hot Air is coming out the Front Vents- it’s just a little warm


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December 3, 2011
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05 Explorer XLT
Here’s what is happening-
1. The air coming out of the front vents is not hot, a little warm but not hot. Our Explorer has the rear heat/AC controls. The air coming out of those vents is much warmer.
2. When the control is set to the Dash vent and the temperature is set to hot, most of the air is flowing out of the floor vents. When set to cold, the air is flowing out of the Dash vents. I can hear the blend door moving when changing the temperature.
3. When set to the Floor vents, air also comes out of the Defrost. In the hot setting, most of the air flow is coming out the Defrost vents. And in the Defrost setting and set to hot, the air comes out of the Defrost and Floor vents.
This is what I’ve checked so far:
1. Anti-freeze level is OK
2. A new Thermostat was installed in October
3. The heater hoses going into the core are hot
4. Installed a new blend motor actuator (the old one was OK best I could tell)
5. The re-circulating door is working properly
Any help is appreciated.