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1991 Ford Ranger 4 cyl. Missing, low power


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January 19, 2015
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1991 Ford Ranger
Hey everyone I was wondering what your opinion on my problem is. I have been looking all over many different forums to see what my problem likely is.

Car: 1991 Ford Ranger 4 cyl. 2WD

First symptoms:
It started with losing power and missing after about 20 min of driving. Once the engine cooled for several hours it would drive fine again. during missing its top speed was about 35 and had terrible acceleration especially in 1st gear. The exhaust also smells like it is getting the wrong mixture.

First Diagnosis:
Since it was missing i assumed it was a spark or gas issue. since it has duel spark plugs i took half off and it had no affect it lt lead me to believe that it is not likely to be a spark issue (though a coil could be going bad i guess)
I changed the fuel filter and it seemed to get more power and the problem went away.

Second Symptoms:
After 2 weeks or so the car started running bad after a small drive, this time it always ran bad, less shake but also less power (top speed 25). Since the filter helped before i thought it might be the pump so i changed it. All this did was stop my gas gauge from working, (though i think that might just be a connection issue with the plug). This means that it could be a connection issue for the pump but it seems unlikely to me. I then changed the o2 sensor which did make it run better but it was old and likely just helped.

second Diagnosis:
I think maybe that there is dirt or something in the tank and causing it to run bad, i'm planing to put another filter in to check. what do you guys think?