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1993 Limited explorer seat swap with xlt?


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June 11, 2014
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Hallstead PA
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1993 Explorer limited
I have a 93 limited explorer with the power seat that stopped working, I found a 94 xlt at the junkyard and replaced my dented hatch with the hatch from that and took the seat and the seat base and have installed the xlt seat base in my limited. Now my question is does the wiring match up? I've never done much work to vehicles in my life my dad has always helped me but now I'm on my own and I'm not sure if these seats plugs will mesh up. Anyone have any experience in this field? Thanks in advance

The XLT seats only need power and ground.. So, assuming there is no memory function on your old seats the most you would have to do is cut wires to change the connection on the end..

That is what I had to do to install 2nd gen Mountaineer seats into our 1st gen XLT


If the power seats stopped working entirely, I suggest you check for voltage at the power connector under the seat. There is more than one motor involved, so no action at all suggests to me that the seat may be ok but not receiving DC voltage.