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1997 4.0 v6 xlt

Hi guys. My name is Alex and I've been the proud owner of a 1997 4.0 V6 Ford Explorer XLT for 4 years. It came fully loaded with power everything, 6 disc changer in the center console, sports bucket seats, 5 spd auto with 3.73 gears, Westin stainless steel step bars, and 235 Michelin tires. It is Dark Lapis Blue and has ~143k miles on the odometer. It is a daily driver with a few hundred pounds worth of tools in the back and sees some action as a light offroad vehicle (since it's RWD only) and a boat hauler (pull my 3500 lbs. boat out of the water with no problems). I joined this website to try and learn a bit about these things since I want to start modifying it (I'll finally be getting some nice disposable income in fall). I joined a Crown Vic forum (CVN) a couple of years ago and learns lots about those things and so I thought I would do the same here. Well, thanks.

Future Mods are:
Grille Guard
Driving Lights on the Roof Rack
2" Lift
BFG 265/75-R16's
Paint Job (Not sure of color yet.)

Here's some old pics, now the hood and parts of the roof are extremely faded and in dire need of a paint job, which it'll probably get in fall. I'll probably sand it down and give it a rattlecan paint job for now, I'll probably give it a matte black hood like the 1320 Challenger.




nice x u got there alex

Thanks. It's definitely built Ford tough, but it could use some work. Most cosmetic and interior electronics, but the engine is bulletproof.