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2001 for explorer coolant lose need help ASAP!


April 11, 2011
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2001 ford explorer sport
ok so I need some advice, I have a 2001 for explorer sport V6 4.0. I have been having a coolant leak and vary hard starting in cold temps, it looks like the engine is leaking from only the left side of the engine towards the top by the valve cover area I think? I've been adding coolant every week or so but recently it got worse, allot worse, on a short drive on a warm day the engine temp sky rockets and it starts to cut out and hesitate but when its cool it runs like a champ, I feared it was the head gasket and drained the oil but theres no signs of coolant in it or oil in the coolant, keep in mind its been like this for months with just a slight coolant lose, it doesn't look like the thermostat housing or water pump is leaking either, my question is could this be a lower intake manifold gasket leak causing all these problems? or any other ideas before I buy parts and start ripping into the engine?????

anybody have any ideas? before I take it to the shop... would a badly leaking lower manifold gasket cause the engine temp to fluctuate that much? like I said it looks like the coolant is only coming from the passenger side of the engine and I didn't see any obvious signs of coolant in the oil...