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2002 Ranger 2.3- A/C gets warm when engine temp goes up


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July 3, 2011
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Baton Rouge
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02 Ranger
Just recently drove to Louisiana from upstate NY. The A/C has always worked exceptionally well, very very cold. It worked when I needed it on the trip down, however when I got off the highway in LA I was sitting at a light and the A/C went from cold to warm. Got to the hotel, unloaded my stuff and decided to drive around. Started the truck back up and the A/c worked, drove about 10 minutes and the A/C got warm. This happens everytime I hop in the truck, but only if I have let the engine cool down.

I have recharged the A/C, no difference. Do I have a sensor bad?

What could it be?

Thanks in advance for the help.