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2004 Ranger a/c question


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December 17, 2014
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2004FordRangerXLT4.0 4x4
Im not sure if make n model have to anything to do with this. But ive got 2004 ford ranger xlt 4.0 4x4 and ive noticed my a/c clutch engaging and disengaging while a/c is not on, even with my heater on. Does anyone know if that is normal?

The Ranger A/C engages in all control positions except dash level only and floor only. Even the combined dash and floor levels engages the A/C. This is used to control moisture in the cabin air to help prevent fogging the windows.

Thank you i was just wondering because i dont like the kick sound it makes . It also seems to make my truck run alil off but i may be trippin