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2007 explorer jerks on slight throttle/idling/reverse


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March 21, 2017
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2007, XLT
hello explorer community

this is my first post in this forum,, hopefully i get the help i need :help:

so my problem with the car is simply as the following:

the car has a knocking/ticking sound when cold started, the sound disappears after 2 or 3 minutes after idling when the rpm settles, then this sound will appear again when applying slight acceleration on highway but disappears if i throttle the car just a little bit more(when the car drops a gear), but recently (since 3 days) it has developed to jerking instead of just knocking sound, the same jerking appears on reverse and if the car is idling for more than 5 minutes (with normal operating temp), i have changed coils twice in less than 2 months (last time replaced was about two weeks ago) and had plugs replaced also .. and both times the coil fuse was burned .. but that didnt fix the issue (i think burning coils is related to the issue iam having)

also i had my transmission rebuilt (because of a failure.. thanks ford :shifty:) about 6 months ago so i dont think it is a trans issue

check engine light is on and the error code is saying it is a bad EGR (it has been almost a year since the EGR is causing a check engine light)

i really want to know what is causing this issue .. is it the EGR ? or a bad fuel filter? (hasnt been changed for more than 3 years) or something else ? this is driving me crazy and iam worried that this coil is going to burn soon and that is really dangerous if that happens while driving on a high way since the car will shutdown and never starts again

the car has done 142k km (88k miles)

what are your thoughts ? has anyone had similar issue before ?


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November 18, 2011
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Bowling Green, KY
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2007 Ford Explorer 4.6 V8
Which engine - v6 or v8?