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2007 Explorer XLT Drain Plug Leak

Chris Yoder

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April 16, 2019
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Indianapolis, IN
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2007 Ford Explorer XLT
Hey all,

Quick question. I have gotten a leak at the drain plug after I changed the notorious thermostat housing out. This leak was not there before. I drained the fluid out changed thermostat housing, and put fluid back in. Upon starting the car it started leaking at the drain plug, and is now leaking profusely with the truck off. I have changed the plug to aftermarket due to another project and it broke off the original. It never leaked after I changed it from the original until after the thermostat housing was changed. From the few pictures it looks like the plug is almost to long or something. Im not sure what is going on. Its leaking around the head of the plug and the actual drain in the radiator. I see no cracks anywhere. Is it possible to put washers and/or gasket sealant around here to try and seal it? Is this a common issue with these SUV's? How hard is it to change the radiator in one of these if its got a hairline crack somewhere? Am I just plain missing something?

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Welcome to the forum.
Replacing the radiator is a medium PITA
Search the forum and you'll find some posts with what others used and some tricks.
Can you use teflon tape and even a regular bolt ?
That should work in a meantime.

I don't like the color of that antifreeze...

Why is that? Thats fresh antifreeze. Was just flushed and changed before winter time.

The Explorer uses the gold antifreeze. HOAT I believe? Check the manual. Does it really matter? Can you run a universal? Who really knows for sure.
Xerex makes an aftermarket if you don't want to buy from Ford.