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2008 EB Lift Kit- Traxda vs BTF


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October 19, 2023
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Hyde Park, NY
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2008, Ford Explorer EB V8
Hey All. Looking for feedback from everyone's experience with this.... In reading the forums here, I'm going to try lifting my 2008 Ex using the Strut Spacer method. I plan on definitely purchasing and using the 06-10 Explorer BTF uniball upper control arms.

Two questions;

1. Should I go with the Traxda 102010 2.5" Front/ 1.25" Rear Leveling Kit or should I go with the BTF 06-10 Explorer Leveling Lift 3" Front/ 2.5" Rear?

I prefer and I like the idea of more lift with the BTFs vs the Traxdas but want to keep the truck as reliable and comfortable as possible. So I would be willing to sacrifice the slightly higher lift of the BTFs and go with the Traxdas only if the Traxdas are going to be much more trouble free and the ride is more comfortable. What's best?

2. Are there any other suspension component upgrades over stock I should consider at the time of installing either the BTF/ Traxda lift along with the BTF UCAs in an effort to keep the truck reliable and comfortable?

Thanks All for the Feedback.