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2010 Explorer XLT - How to Remove Antenna?


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October 11, 2017
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2010 Ford Explorer XLT
I am seeking more help fixing up my 2010 XLT.

Some time ago I attempted to remove the antenna mast, only to have it snap off entirely. (Stupid I know, but what's done is done.)

I am struggling to find any guides in how to remove any parts of the antenna. I don't even really know the proper names of the pieces! Is anyone aware of a how-to guide for this issue?

Secondarily, I'd like to replace what *was* there with a short, modern antenna like most vehicles have nowadays. Is this possible? I'm guessing the answer is yes. Any helpful suggestions on where to read about the replacement process?

Any help is gratefully appreciated!

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The antenna cable goes from behind the radio to the fender area.

When you open the passenger door half way, it gives you a better access to the whole post assembly.


This the non-power assembly w/o satellite radio

Thank you to both Explorer_PL and Partsman109 for their helpful replies.

I am still mystified as to how I reach the part "18A984". The opening when the passenger side door is partially open is too small for me to work within. Do I take the door off? My Haynes repair manual suggests that I have to remove the right front wheel and inner fender splash shield. Seriously?

To clarify: I broke the base of the mast off while screwed into "18922" and/or "18A984".


Removing the wheel and splash might be the way to go. I've done it number for times when working on different things there like exhaust manifolds and heater lines.
It's not that bad.

Can the splash well be removed with the wheel on? You can get some good clearance with the wheel turned either way.... BTW I had this happen to me too... What the crap