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2015 Explorer Limited Dash Rattle under dash speaker

May 6, 2018
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2015 Limited, 1994 XLT
Have a dash rattle occuring in the dash area which seems to be under the center dash speaker. Occurs when going over very tiny bumps, even at very slow speeds. Sort of sounds like a bracket vibration. Is it possible it is a bracket for the speaker or center dash display? How can the speaker cover be removed, does it just pry up and off? Searched the forum and this particular rattle was not discussed. Thanks in advance.

don't forget to check the cowl. mine was quite deteriorated after only a few years and started rattling against the lower windshield. the source can easily be mistaken for being in the dash.

Had the same issue on our 2018, I even replaced the the dash speaker. Wasn't the problem. Turned out to be the windshield, the bottom seal. They (dealership) had to re seal the windshield.