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2022 Hybrid PIU Remote Start


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June 6, 2023
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2022 Hybrid Police Interc

Have a 2022 Hybrid PIU that did not come with factory key fobs. Apparently this year is the first it is not possible to program any OEM remote entry key fobs.

In order to get around this, we had a Compustar security system installed. The shop told me that they needed to also install a remote start to get it to work. Apparently that was not true... but alas they installed it.

Anyways, the lock/unlock feature works great. The remote start does work, however it only turns on some of the electronics in the vehicle like the radio. It does not currently turn on the climate control, which is probably the only useful part of a remote start.

Any ideas if this is something that is an issue with the remote start module, or is this something with the PIU that needs to be changed through Forscan/IDS etc.?

Thanks in advance.

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I found this in the manual for the retail Explorer so I'm not sure if the PIU is the same or not. I checked the PIU manual and it doesn't mention remote start at all.



Thanks Peter. It seems like that setting works for the aftermarket remote start in the PIU.