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30-40 mph shudder, any ideas?


February 7, 2007
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Fayetteville, NC
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96 Sport 4x4
The exploder shudders from 30-40 mph, not to violently, but enough to be annoying and slow down acceleration. Probably about two months ago I had the same problem, so I changed the fluid. Car drove great (no shudder) for about 2 weeks and came back. Any ideas on what it could be? For some reason I have gotten in my mind that it is torque converter, but I really have no idea. Other than the shudder the car runs great. Thanks in advance!

Shudder usually occurs when there is an issue either with the fluid properties or there is inadequate pressure to properly engage a clutch. The torque convertor clutch is a common location where it occurs.

I will assume you used Mercon V when you changed fluid. (If not, do the change again using Mercon V)

The first thing you can try is a friction additive. Lubegard green comes to mind. If for some reason it is the fluid and you started with Mercon V I'd try that next.

If you still have shudder I'd probably suggest you check the pressures.

It's quite possible that your issues are VB related.