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347 in 1997 Mountiaineer, what do I need to know?


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June 17, 2004
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From what I have read of CA smog testing, actual people and their non OEM engines and exhausts, these vehicles do not record that much detail in them for the smog testing devices to discover. I don't think they can tell if the PCM is even altered, these early OBDII computers. People evidently pass smog with all kinds of engine modifications internally, including super chargers etc. They check for emissions devices, and the CARB number on such items as the cats, headers etc. But they cannot tell how many CI it has, or the compression, camshaft etc.

I think a 347 can pass as long as it is running well and doesn't produce more CO2's etc, than a stock truck. You have to build it with higher compression and a well designed camshaft, not a junk OTS cam you let some cam tech guess at for you(they are salesmen to sell you their parts).