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3rd gen overlander. Storage help???


January 29, 2018
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Berkeley springs, Wv.
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2005 mountaineer 4.6L
So my wife and I, along with our 4 kids, do a ton of camping. This has prompted me to turn the family grocery getter (2005 4.6L awd mounty w/ 105k miles) into something of an overlander. I'm set on the mechanical side of things. 2.5in btf lift with a 1.5 BL. Btf upper control arms, moog struts, moog hubs, new c.v. axles, moog ball joints, blackoak light bars, 265/75/16 stt pros, pro comp 69s 16x8 -12 offset, Gibson 2.5in exhaust, etc. We run a Curt extended roof rack and a rear hitch Cargo basket. Ive installed a front hitch receiver so we might run a basket up front too (but it looks retarded, turns us into the titanic, and completely blocks a $480 light bar) All that being said, we are desperate for more storage since our kids take up all the seats. Any ideas? I was thinking of building boxes for under the benches or somthing, but that won't get me much. ANY ideas or input is appreciated, a couple sq ft. Makes all the difference. A family of 6 needs a **** ton of gear for the week long excursions.

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It’s cool the amount of utility you’re getting out of your explorer but that’s a difficult question because with 3rd row seating you have little cargo space. I’ve seen someone on YouTube who camps inside their explorer build wooden shelves for organizing the trunk bed. If you wanna get crazy rig something to the spare tire carrier under chassis. In my opinion a roof bag with your supplies on top of the roof basket would help you load it down without losing them. Underneath the trunk floorboard is a small storage area, being the size of our vehicles you’re getting a good bit of utility out of yours compared to some and good luck.

We do run a large roof bag on top for all the lightweight bulky stuff. I like the spare tire area idea! I can mount the spare somewhere else and rig a drop down storage container on the cable in the spare wheel area. Thatd be really cool, and would act as a hidden compartment as well. Thanks!!!!!!! Now I just gotta figure out where to mount the spare. Roof rack is full.

Research the wilco Highgate solo. There is a youtuber I like with an 04 explorer that uses one its a hefty 5 to 600$ and utilizes your tow package to hold up a very large tire behind the rear trunk as well as gas cans etc. It would possibly disable you from using your rear cargo basket. The hitchgate has a latch you pull and the tire swings out to left or right giving you access to your back doors.

Hitchgate* many use it because our spare tire carriers only carry up to a certain diameter tire and the Hitchgate can carry a bigger size

Yeah that won't work for me because I need my hitch for the cargo carrier. Might be able to change that a bit, and weld it directly to the bumper though. Il have to try to see one in person. The other option would be to use it on the front hitch, but idk if that would block to much airflow. What do you think?

I have thought of that, but it's a last resort. I don't think we could get to some of the spots we camp with a trailer. The going is pretty rough and our 3rd gens arnt exactly trail hogs. Realistically I should have started with a bigger vehicle, but I have so much money in this one I don't want to switch now. We didn't used to need the 3rd row seat until we had my youngest daughter last year. But the trailer route might be what I end up having to do. I'll just lighten it up as much as possible. On the plus side, those trailers you linked look BADASS lol

I am soon to be building a false floor shelf in the cargo area of my Explorer. It will be just high enough to fit four under bed Tupperware containers I picked up at WalMart (approximately 7"). The shelf will be made from carpet covered plywood and have cut-outs for recessed storage in front of the containers. Google SUV cargo area expedition storage as there are lots of ideas on line.

That would make a good little storage area for recovery gear. Lol you never realize how important storage is until you run out of it