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millertime why do you only have the truxxx lift in the front?

purely aesthetics. and i'm gonna run this prerunner stance til i buy some new,larger rubber.

MillerTime have you still been tracking your gas mileage? I really like the looks of your rig. :thumbsup:

its still about the same. im getting ready to do the underdrive pulley and efan once it gets a little nicer outside. just in time to throw some 285/75/16's on it:D and i have a buddy who is gonna help me with gearing once we figure out which ones i need. pretty sure its a dana 30 reverse

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considering your still on the 265's and 5.5'' up front... your X still looks fairly level from the pics, and IMO the tires still look good :thumbsup:

a buddy of mine that is currently shopping for something similar to my new X is in love with yours lol. he wanted me to let you know lol

jager where in cali u at i am in southern cali in newport beach

Here is a pic from some fun this weekend after the huge nor'easter we had in Jersey


dude that is a badass pic!

here is my 03 eddie bauer
plan on getting a body lift and some bf goodrich mud terrain some time soon







My 02 Explorer XLT… nothing too special about it & the pictures aren’t all that great either…

Things I’ve done to the exterior:

* Installed a set of OEM 17” chrome rims (originals pretty chipped & oxidized)
* Installed a set of Cooper Discoverer ATR 265-70’s (they replaced a set of 245’s)
* Removed OEM step-bars (starting to rust & never used them anyways)
* Removed OEM roof-rack (never use it & was curious about the look)
* Covered the cracked lift gate with a color matching plastic panel I made
* Added a bug-guard
* Added vent-shades

Things I’ve done that don’t show:

* K&N cold air kit
* Flowmaster 40 series
* Removed all 3 CATs (main one was shot anyways)
* Brown Wire Mod (BWM)
* Alpine head unit (have an iPod to plug in)
* Rockford Fosgate amp
* Memphis 12” sub (1 in a custom box… running OEM door speakers with most of their bass turned off)

And here she is:








no lift or anything? with the 265's did you have any rubbing at all? i want to get those same tires but dont wanna have to do any cutting, also how are they riding for ya?

Til The X Is Lifted...

05 XLS 4.0L and Barstool Racer



nice looking rides guys!! How does she ride with the 22's? And the gf drop?

Figured I would update some pics of my ride, but showing what I actually do with it:D If you can't guess from the pictures, I am currently building a 6' fence in my backyard to keep my boxer in and hide the neighbors. First picture is the post hole digger I rented(easy to use and worth the $100 for 4 hrs!!!) Second picture is from Lowe's when I loaded 21 80lbs bags of concrete in the back(Yes, 1680lbs of concrete in the back!!! Notice the rear is sitting low;)) and the third is about 200 6' pickets in the back that I unloaded about 20 minutes ago. Excuse the quality, it's from my phone and night pictures suck.




lol looks like your front wheels are about to come into the air! POP A WHEELIE!!!!

redfire87 your x looks good. i like the rims. Are those the Cragar soft 8s.

correct those are cragar soft 8

nice looking ride!

Eh, I figure I would add a few new pics. Just got done detailing it and put the yak up on top.







sorry i took so long guys,yes they are cragar soft 8s and 265 75r16 goodyear wrangler authority tires.its not lifted but i do plan to buy the truxx kit this summer.they rubbed on the splash guard but a little trimming took care of that.


just my thought...

if you painted your grilles black they would make the front end look pretty good !

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