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3rd row debate


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October 23, 2007
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bremerton, WA
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2003 Limited AWD
I have read through quite a few threads regarding adding a third row seat and the difficulties vs. benefits etc. I am unclear as to whether anyone has actually completed the task yet.
I have a 2003 Limited AWD that does not have the third row seats. Has dark grey leather interior and I really want the third row. I have found the parts and believe it can be done but definitely wanted to find out if anyone has gone as far as to actually do it.


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Welcome. I wanna see how this works for you. do it!

It can't be to hard, i'm sure all the explorers just come down the line and then they deside to bolt in a 3rd row or not. I know my mother in-laws 3rd gen has a 3rd row, I could get some pics if you want?:rolleyes:

I did it. Pretty simple. 2nd row: that is a different story. And front seats; oh man, that is the biggest pain of all.
Jared G.

If i remember right the second row is different depending weither there is a third row or not. With the Second row and a Third row the Second must fold and flip over to allow access to the third row thus different brackets. With only a two row its fixed ????? or dosn't flip. What I have is Quad Buckets that do it, and I also removed the Rear Center console much like a van (Dog's sits there). I have seen the bare sheet metal and its all the same 2 or 3 row.

Hey yeah, I'd like to see a picture of the quad bucket arrangement. Interesting!


Clarification my '04EB came with Quad Buckets from the factory
I'll try and remember to get a pic