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4 speed auto to 5 speed auto

I was wondering if anybody has done a swap of the newer 5 speed auto transmission for the 4 speed auto. If so, what does it involve. I am just anticipating the day my current trans heads south.

Thanks, B.

It would probably be a pain and not worth the $$.
The newer 5-spd auto is electonically shifted I believe, is your 4-spd? The computer would have to be changed, what else would be different in the new computer compared to the old? (not just transmission wise: 4x4 system, engine, etc...) Will the new 5-spd fit just bolt on? What other problems might you run into?
All of these are questions you'd have to think about. I don't know all of the answers, but I think the answers would = lots of $$$. You'd probably be better off sticking with the 4-spd or just trading in and getting a new Explorer that comes with the 5-spd.

From what I have read the 5 speed auto was designed with the V6 SOHC to work as a pair. I believe because of this, the 5 speed auto would not be a bolt-on replacement.

Just in case you are not aware, the extra gear was put in between 1st and 2nd to allow for a smoother shift from 1st to 2nd. The other gear ratios are about the same as your 4 speed auto so the benefits would not be that much. Now I have heard (knock on wood) that the 5 speed auto is stronger than the 4 speed auto.

I read somewhere that the V6 SOHC was designed and built in Germany, if this is true, was the 5 speed auto also designed and built in Germany?

How about going from the 5 Sp Mazda manual, to the new 5sp manual?