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410Fortune 1988 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer 4x4

That's good, seven years is probably good for a 255lt/hr pump in regular use.

I'm going the other way with my project truck, two pumps, likely two 255's. Then one runs full time, one at WOT, so generally it should never leave me stranded.

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I think mine is 180
Lph? Something like that
I should adjust my fuel sender while in there it is all custom 88 bii hanger w 92 ranger sender graphted on and I made the float hanger she uses a autometer 2”’fuel gauge for a 92 ranger … it’s close but not 100% accurate I think I have the float going side to side instead of front to back! With no anti slosh module the gage moves quite a bit
Maybe she will drive to the shop for me…..

So far so good
New bosch pump installed, I also installed a complete new "hanger" assembly since I had one. I got this old Carter fuel pump with a certain convertible 327 powered Ranger I used to own..... finally came in handy. I ditched the 1986 style carter boost pump and installed my new Bosch 97 explorer 5.0 pump. Done with Walbro, IMO that pump should have lasted longer......... I know I know 7+_ years from a pump is good....but these bosch pumps can go 20 years, 200K miles +

Again I had to grapht the 93 explorer/ranger style float and sender to the BII hanger, this time I used the stock location and orientation so hopefully my fuel gauge will be more accurate
I also had to cut down the metal fuel line to give the bosch pump room, it is about 1" taller then the old pump.
SO HAPPY that I cut that access panel years ago..... I mean dropping the tank on a BII with 23 gallons in it is no fun, not compared to this!!

She starts with the bump of the key. The fuel level seems to be working, the new pump is nearly silent. Now I just need to get her hot on extended test drive to make sure she is finally fixed.


access hatch under my rear cargo matt. A square piece of flat metal was painted on both sides, I used rubber hose and silicoln to make a "gasket",. 4 sheet metal screws hold it closed. This way I can access my fuel pump in about 10 minutes, even on the trail.
Much easier then an Explorer!!! (another reason to drive a BII!!)


area was cleaned with a brush and compressed air, The metal lock ring was lubed with PB blaster and then finally knocked loose with a rubber mallet and wooden dowel (no sparks) my 1988 fuel lines are the easy ones, pull the plastic lock tab and they come off.... jealous? LOL

Old pump assembly pulled out, I user a plastic jar lid to protect the open hole while I work

crappy pic, but you get the idea, no dirt in my fuel!!


had a clean box ready to go, I hate the smell of fuel (headaches) so I like to work outside and CLEAN

You can seer the orange anti drain "sock" is MIA, has been for years! My fuel pressure just drops as soon as the pump shuts off. The old orange one ripped and I never found a replacement.....until this repair! I robbed the part from a 96 Ranger tank I had out back
You can see I had metal zip ties holding the old float/sender in place. This new carter hanger had provisions for screws! So I made use of those.

old way

new way, new bosch installed, float installed with screws, orange anti drain sock installed.....assembly ready to go back in
It actually took me a couple of hours to put this together, I had to file away some of the plastic to clear my new screw head and still make it snap together. My autometer 2-5/8" fuel gauge works with 91-96 style in tank sender. Autometer does not make a fuel gauge that works with the old 84-89 style sender.......... that would be too easy! My stock dash cluster is gone long ago, its all Autometer now


and shes running!! Quite snappy too.... so far I think that was the issue, she fires right up and runs strong!!
Healthy fuel pump

@410Fortune This is the first that I've seen of this. One month ago I don't know how I missed it. My fuel pump work and woes sound like I am copying you. LoL. I wasn't sure how you felt about access panels but you being a trail guy I should've figured you like that method too. I still wonder why FoMoCo didn't make an access panel on the Explorers and position the pump/sending unit a little better. My'96 T-bird and '99 Crown Vic should've had them too. I think my brother has an escape that has an access panel, and a lot of other makes and models have the too. Sometimes I think the FoMoCo "light bulb" is turned OFF in the design office.
Is the tank in the rear of the Bronco II's?
Any hints on accessing the pump on a 2003 ST?

yes in the BII the tank is in the rear between the frame rails makes an access cover very easy to do.
I hear you!
Wifes FJ cruiser has a port for her fuel pump under the back seat, except the pump doesn't fit through the hole...... go figure that one out. So we have to simply cut a little more metal and then it will slide out of there

Ford wanted the dealerships to do the work for us, not us doing our own work, that may explain why no access?
2003 sport trac pump? I have always dropped the tank, I do not think lifting the bed will help with a sport trac if I remember right the pump is mostly under the cab!