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4R55E 2-3 Shift Issue


September 20, 2007
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so cal
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95 Ranger XLT
For the past few months I've been having some isses with 2-3 shifts on my 95 4.0L Ranger wiht 95k miles.

The issue varies between a hanging shift and flare. I've read the 5R threads and decided to install the Ford TSB parts, new EPC solenoid and a Superior shift kit.

Here is my current list of parts:

Description (Part #) [Price]
Separator Plate to Case Gasket (2L5Z-7C155-AA) [$3.58]
Separator Plate to Main Control Gasket (2L5Z-7D100-BA) [$4.20]
Plate - Valve Body Separator (F5TZ-7A008-CA) [$11.40]
Valve Body Service Kit (3L5Z-7M203-JA) [$18.33]
EPC Solenoid (XL2Z-7G383-AA) [$119.82]
Solenoid Bracket (XL2Z-7L491-AA) [$5.99]

Description (Part #) [Price]
Superior Shift Correction Package (S56165H) [$36.09]

Is there anything I'm missing(besides filter and ATF)? I want to make sure I have all the parts I will need the first time around.

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You will need a reverse servo cover gasket, and you may want to replace the servo o-ring while you are in there. You have to remove the servo cover before you can remove the separator plate from the trans.

Sorry, I don't have the part numbers for those two items.

The TransTec Viton D ring kit is good. WWW.TransmissionPartsUSA.Com sells it. You should also get the end plug kit with the O rings. Keep in mind that there are 2 different types of EPC solenoids. The older one is the green band, and the newer one is the red band. The newer one is almost half the price of the older one. Double check the part # you have. There are bonded separator plates which have a gasket bonded onto it. It makes it easier to install.

I pulled the part numbers from the TSB. From the TSB parts list it appears only the later transmissions have a bonded separator plate, the 95-96 models still have separate gaskets.

I'll doublecheck that I have the right EPC.

I cant find that d-ring kit on transmissionpartsusa.com. Do you have a part # or know what section it would be in?

Yes, my 97 5R55E had separate gaskets, but the 98+ had the bonded gaskets. It wasn't a big deal; use some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to stick the gaskets in place on the separator plate when you are putting things back together.


I can't find the servo cover gasket on their site. I bought mine from the local dealer. If you are buying the other parts from fastpartsnetwork.com, you can search there or just email Torrie and tell him what you need.

Thanks for the part #

According to the valve rebuild diary the reverse servo cover gasket comes with the Superior kit. We're talking about the same part right? http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1276125&postcount=23

My updated parts list (still need to double check EPC part #):
Description Part Number Price
Separator Plate to Case Gasket 2L5Z-7C155-AA $3.58
Separator Plate to Main Control Gasket 2L5Z-7D100-BA $4.20
Plate - Valve Body Separator F5TZ-7A008-CA $11.40
Valve Body Service Kit 3L5Z-7M203-JA $18.33
EPC Solenoid XL2Z-7G383-AA $119.82
Solenoid Bracket XL2Z-7L491-AA $5.99
Superior Shift Correction Package S56165H $36.09
FORD 4R44E 5R55E Valve end plug kit 37947-13K $17.18
A4LD, 4R44E, 4R55E, 5R55E reverse servo piston D-ring kit 23256K $2.28

Actually, the picture in Glacier's post is the D-ring for the servo. So if you are getting the Superior kit, you won't need the D-ring from transmissionpartsusa.

The servo cover gasket is a flat gasket with four mounting holes around the outside edges.

Look for the big hole in the separator plate in this picture:


The servo cover bolts to the bottom side of the separator plate using the smaller four holes around the big hole. The gasket is a ring the size of the big hole with 4 tabs to match the bolt pattern of the smaller holes.

That be it.

I found my receipt: the Ford P/N is D4ZZ-7L173-A. I had to pay $7.52 plus tax at the local dealer. fastpartsnetwork should be cheaper.

You're just trying to make me feel bad. :D

It was the only place I could get it on Xmas eve and I needed to get it put back together for the Xmas holiday.

Thanks for the help guys. I'll figure out if I have the right EPC p/n then post a finals parts list. I'm not worried about being able to complete the job, but I've never worked on an auto tranny before so I dont want to have any extra headaches.