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4th Gen Front Seats in a 3rd Gen Explorer


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June 5, 2010
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Charlotte, NC
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'03 XLS
I have an 03 XLS with the gray cloth buckets and I really don't like the seats. I'm thinking about swapping them for seats from a 4th gen (2006 - 10) Explorer or Mountaineer or possibly from an Aviator.

I'm particularly interested in swapping in the cooled seats from an Aviator, has anyone done a swap like this give me some input on what to expect?

as long as the brackets are the same (unless you fab your own) im assuming all it needs is a power source (power and ground) and the extra wires for the switches that youll have to mount in your dash.

I've never looked at the cooled seats but I think they're a great idea...especially when it hits 100 here by 9:30. Are they self contained or do they rely on ducting from the HVAC?