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  1. A


    Have one now, would like to round up another, preferably AWD, clean title., in good enough shape for daily driver or can be repaired to daily driver. Ideally 2005 model, but might consider 2004 if it was exceptional. Lower miles ideal. Not opposed to a ride with "one big issue" if...
  2. B

    07 aviator tire monitor sensors in an 09 Explorer sport trac?

    Hi all, hoping so will be able to help me. Does anyone know if a 2007 Aviator’s tire monitor sensors will work in a 2009 Explorer Sport Trac?
  3. T

    Selected to meet with Ford (2020 Aviator) Engineers - INPUT NEEDED

    I have been selected to meet in Houston One/one with Ford (for the Aviator only) Engineers. The purpose is to review my experience, issues, future suggestions etc. I am give 1.5 hour one/one time. So this will be a important meeting with no selling only riding in my Aviator and discussing...
  4. T

    Do Aviator or Explorer have auto locking?

    My 2013 Cadillac XTS I traded in had one feature I can't seem to find on the new 2020 Aviator. When i walked away from from the Cadillac with the KeyFob in my pocket, the car doors would automatically lock and the horn did a quick chirp as feedback. I loved the feature. Does anyone know if...
  5. ParkM

    Aviator vs. Explorer: Differences

    My car shopping focused on 2 specific 2020 models and trims. For me it was the Aviator Reserve 1 vs. the Explorer Platinum. I knew there were real differences between the cars but I was frustrated that I could not locate anything online that detailed the differences across brands and...
  6. ParkM

    2020 Aviator Reserve 1 Crystal Copper Ordered

    After a year of looking and going blind reading, I've settled in on the Aviator. For most of that year I've been in love with the Explorer Platinum but Lincoln won me in the end. My configuration was: RWD, Sandstone interior, Elements Plus, standard wheels and Luxury Package. Build and...
  7. J

    2020 Aviator Reserve: Ordered. / Built. / Delivery?

    I ordered a 2020 Lincoln Aviator from Riverhead Lincoln in Long Island on April 22, 2019. My dealer let me know about my VIN and build date on May 23, 2019 which stated my build date was the week of June 23, 2019. I was able to access my window sticker the other day (thanks to this website)...
  8. T

    2005 Aviator - Oil Filter Adapter Gasket

    Hello, I just changed the leaking oil filter adapter gasket on my 2005 Lincoln Aviator 4.6 V8 and I thought I would give some tips since I am (according to my kids) a complete idiot. I'm not a talented DIYer so this was a challenge. First, this seems to be a very common problem with Explorers...
  9. M

    Aviator hard starting IMRC Module bad? Help?

    Hello. Recently my 2005 Lincoln Aviator had an engine swap performed at the dealership. Ever since the install, the engine will have trouble starting intermittently. Sometimes it starts on the first crank, sometimes it cranks a while and starts, sometimes it takes two tries. It always...
  10. D

    2005 Lincoln Aviator Misfire Cylinder 5, 6 (P0316, P0306, P0305) Help?

    OK, so I have a 2005 Lincoln Aviator, comes standard with a 4.6 (just like the Marauder). I have replaced the crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, spark plug, fuel filter, ran Lucas fuel injector cleaner, and replaced OEM coil packs with Accel coil packs and I still get a...
  11. firefly1246

    Explorer to Aviator front brake upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the front brakes on your explorer to the 13" rotors and slightly larger calipers from an aviator? I am about to do my front brakes and it looks like it should be bolt in as long as there are 17" or larger diameter wheels. The advantage would be going from a 12.07" to a 13"...
  12. Mr Dubya

    3rd Gen Explorer/Mountaineer/Aviator Tail Light Compatability

    Hi Folks, I'm doing some research on our third gen tail lights, and ultimately my goal is to swap my factory explorer lights with factory mountaineer lights. I'm not much of a fan of the aftermarket options (too distracting, and doesn't blend well enough). I understand as long as we...
  13. F

    4.6l DOHC ?

    Does anyone know of anyone that has succesfully completed a swap like this?
  14. B

    4th Gen Front Seats in a 3rd Gen Explorer

    I have an 03 XLS with the gray cloth buckets and I really don't like the seats. I'm thinking about swapping them for seats from a 4th gen (2006 - 10) Explorer or Mountaineer or possibly from an Aviator. I'm particularly interested in swapping in the cooled seats from an Aviator, has anyone...
  15. A

    2003 Aviator 2WD. Could I lower it?

    I would like to replace the rear shocks. It has an independent rear suspension. Where can I find the correct shocks/struts and Can It Be Lowered just a few inches front and rear?
  16. J

    Aviator for Explorer???

    So I have a 2005 Explorer, read my signature for more info, and my cousin is thinking of selling his 2004 Aviator to me. Do you think I should take him up on it? The car's amazing, except for the ugly chrome wheels and lack of a subwoofer. I would plan to put my Explorer's rims on it because...
  17. Wing from rear

    Wing from rear