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4x4 not working


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March 29, 2011
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2002 explorer
Okay, So I have a 2002 explorer, 4x4 not working at all. The lights will flash in the dash upon startup sometimes. Low always comes on, high doesn't All the time. now, Sitting at idle in drive, You can push the 4x4 high light on, The light will come on and stay on in the dash. Until you let off the brake then the light goes out. You can hear the clicking in the dash but no 4x4. Low, Same thing.
Hooked a computer up to it and it gives me the code for transfercase ground circuit A,B,C,D. Whats the problem?
P1846 771(P/Y) Transfer Case CONTACT PLATE "A"
P1850 770 (W) Transfer Case CONTACT PLATE "B"
P1854 764 (BR/W) Transfer Case CONTACT PLATE "C"
P1858 763 (O/W) Transfer Case CONTACT PLATE "D"
Are my codes

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ok first thing to do is check your wiring by the transfer case. alot of the times the grnd wire breaks. second i would do is pull the motor off the transfer case and manually switch it to 4wd hi. if the truck is on jack stands you can test that way if not making turns should tell you if the 4wd is engaged or not. If you can get it to work manually it would be in the 4wd module or the motor that switches the 4wd. I would start there and if you have any questions please feel free

ps, key on you should just get 4wd lo, then full start the 4wd high should light up temporarily.

I checked the ground wire, it was dirty and such so I cut it off on the end and regrounded it. No response. I'll need to go back and check the harness itself where it plugs together and see if any corision has occured. I will pull the motor off the transfer case this weekend and try to engage it manually. Thank you for a response. Think of anything else let me know. Thank you :)

ummmm lets see, oh when you pull that motor off have someone switch it to 4wd hi and low from the buttons and see if the motor is moving. thats pretty much it for now till you start testing then we can go from there.

Okay, I bought a new module for it off ebay, its supposed to be for my model car. now my problem is. When I hook the new module up. it Blows fuse number 23 instantly. ( brake position sensor fuse) which locks the shifter in park basically. The 4x4 low on the push button is light up. It blows the fuses as soon as I turn the ignition. Any idea's on this one?

Put the old one back in lol, Its weird cause some other guy i was helping had the same prob after he swapped his module. He never posted his find. Ill ask him for you and see what he says. Did you put all four wheels on jackstands and manually try fwd. I def would try that first.