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Transfer Case, Mysterious Codes


August 4, 2008
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1997 Sport
'97 4.0 SOHC with the 44-05 transfer case is causing me to scratch my head. Codes related to the 4LO circuit pop up about twice a month for no apparent reason. Driver SWEARS she is not touching the auto-hi-low switch (always in auto). Codes are P1850 and P1854, both related to the contact plate circuit, which in my mind should only pop up when the unit is being shifted to LO, and only if there is a problem. Trucks runs fine, but 4WD light flashes. Any thoughts?

let me know what you get! I have one that gives me a flash code of 32 whenever it feels like it! LOL no more hair to pull out!!

This us just thinkung out loud, but doesn't the Edmund run a self check every so often?

all the edmunds links I have looked at today have been like "**** on a bull" worthless!
p.s. mine is a 02 getting those flash codes.