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5.0 Exhaust Thread

Best exhaust for modded 5.0 Explorer-Mountaineer

  • Dual exit with flowmaster-

    Votes: 162 41.2%
  • Dual exit with thrush turbo

    Votes: 27 6.9%
  • Single exit 70 series 2.5" tailpipe-rear cats removed

    Votes: 53 13.5%
  • Single exit with 3" tailpipe-rear cats removed

    Votes: 81 20.6%
  • Other--please specify in post

    Votes: 70 17.8%

  • Total voters
dual or single out?

here's the best pic of the muffler I have on my BII:

Flo Pro dual 2.5" inlet, single 3" outlet:

Not sure of the dimensions but I could measure it

On the Explorer:

Again Flo Pro dual 2.5" Inlet, single 3" outlet muffler ( I told you my exhaust guys kick butt, look at those welds and the bends, better each time I go there, also the hangers they used for me are STOUT after breaking two they re-did the BII 100% using off round style mounts, no rubber do nuts on these rigs)

But this time 2.5" pipe out the back with a stainless tip:

I will get some sound clips, its friggin snowing again hahaha
Are your leaf springs pretty flat because of sire size or lift? Just don’t see how you would have any flex in them at all.

Those leaf springs were on my old 96 Explorer. They were stock leaf springs and yes they were de-arched.
De-arched means they have lost all of their arch and the main leaf is actually deflecting the opposite way of the springs arch, you can see most gen II explorer leaf springs will be this way. That truck had a 1.5" torsion twist, a warrior shackle lift in the back and a 3" body lift. I ran 33x12.5 tires. It had 4.10 gears, 4406M t case, 302 with E303 cam, Torque Monster headers and custom exhaust. I Loved that truck! I sold it because we have 5 trucks between my wife and I and we did not need 6, the explorer was just sitting....so after it sat for about 6 months of not being used I had enough. Cleaned it up and sold it............ I will always miss my 96, that thing was BADASS!!

However to say that a flat leaf spring does not flex would be wrong, they flex like crazy off road!! It is a heavily arched spring that does not give much flex (suspension travel)



Anyone notice the RWD 5.0 color matched fenders? That's right no AWD stickers on this 4x4 rig I found a RWD 5.0 explorer with the same color paint and bought the whole front clip.......... also had a 2001 Mercury mountaineer dark grey leather interior (came with blue!)

Many tasteful upgrades on that old 96. I also see my old 01 Mercury Premier in the background.... oh man I miss that truck too! Funny thing is next year I am building myself a 01 Sport trac to act as a daily driver. I should have kept the 96!

I am getting ready to completely re do the exhaust in my Bronco II and I will be doing a full custom exhaust in the sport trac using what I have learned over the years. I will be sure to post those setups in this thread.