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5R55E no reverse


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November 15, 2007
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1998 4.0
I have a 1998 4.0 ltr sohc with a5r55e trans.
My question is I have lost reverse gear vehicle drives ok in all forward gears auto 4*4 high 4*4 low but has no reverse at all, this was a sudden failure their was a slight noise a partial lock up when this happend and now their is a light grinding noise when reverse is selected
Any ideas????
Thanks Clive

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can you isolate the location of the grinding noise?


It appears to be coming from the back of the box possibly transfer box I intend to pull the transfer box late tomorrow and have a look but unfortunately the manual that I have is about as useful as a chocolate frying pan
Thanks Clive

That's why I was asking. The loss of reverse is usually not something caused by someting that would grind in the tranny. I suspect a Transfer case issue myself, but on those I do not claim to be a guru.... just an inquisitive idiot.

IzWack or GiJoe might chime in here. <hint>

Me, I suspect TC not trans. Just a suspicion.

Try looking at the 4405 Transfer Case Diary in the stickies. Along with your manual it might be a better help....

If the transfer case is going to Neutral on reverse, then yeah that would cause a grinding noise as the gears' teeth are being chewed off against each other. Draining and filtering the oil would probably flush out most of the broken teeth


Thanks Guys I will make a start tomorrow and let you know what I find.
By the way any ideas where I can get some ideas of the standard times for these jobs.
Thanks Clive

"these jobs" is a little vague. We do not yet know that the task is. It COULD be a Transfer case rebuild. Or ???

Well some good news the transfer box is OK
The down side is the trans is not so good the end of the low/reverse servo looks as though it's been through the wars pitted and chipped + the sump magnet looks like grey slurry (really fine filings)
Don’t know what im going to do now maybe a s/h trans maybe an overhaul

I think you're correct but that gray slurry on the magnet is normal. It exists throughout the entire drivetrain -- in the transmission, the transfer case, and the axles.

You *might* get away with just replacing the low/reverse servo... and yes the gray gunk is not abnormal.

The "grinding noise" ....was that a one time thing? Or is it still present? I am wondering where the pieces or metal went when the servo rod point broke on you.