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5R55W Transmission Leak


February 13, 2008
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2002 Explorer XLT
I had the transmission fixed a couple of weeks ago. It was completly rebuilt. 3rd band was broken. Had the servo holes reamed and liners put in to eliminate the wear these cause to the aluminum case. I now have a strange problem. I have a leak coming from the front of the transmission. Looks like its coming fron the rubber plug used to drain the converter. I brought it back to the mechanic and he took the tranny out again and changed out all gaskets and o-rings that could have caused the leak again. just got it back today and it still leak. I'll bring it back to him next week. I wonder if anyone here could know where this leak could be coming from.

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2 possibilities that i have had happen over the years, the lower pump bolts leaks thru the threads or transmission is overfilled and because the vent goes in the top of transmission, the excess fluid blows into bellhousing.

Thanks for the reply. I dont think its excess fluid because it was low on fluid when it was taken out the second time and I think it would stop leaking through the top tube when it reaches thr correct amount. I'll tell the mechanic to keep an eye on the pump bolts.... Thank you

I have a 04 and the drain plug on the transmission started leaking last week. Leaves a small quarter size puddle when parked. Today I replaced the drain plug and the problem still exists. Has anyone run into this? Do I need to replace the trans pan? I have 2 stripped out bolts on the pan. Thanks for any help

For whatever reason I've found trans pans to be tempermental, like they leak for no reason what so ever after removal sometimes. Replace the pan and use self tappers to fill those 2 stripped holes.

Thanks fireball 440. Ever have any luck with bolt extractors?

No never any luck. I had one broken in there once and what I did was drill a hole next to it and used a self tapping screw about the same diameter. I call those big self tappers "fat freddys". lol.