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93 Explorer Limited 4x4 exhaust

Shawn Coombs

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May 4, 2017
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Indian Head
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96 Ford Explorer Limited
I just got a 93 Explorer Limited and a mechanic friend of mine told me I need to replace cat converters. Before I spend money on that, since the Explorer is over 20 years old it's no longer required to go thru emissions testing. Would it good to delete converters, install headers and run dual exhaust? Just trying to improve performance and mpg. Also, I plan on installing K&N cold air intake or different brand. I'm not sure if this is a bad idea or not and figured this is the best place to get an honest answer.

Headers are a PITA unless the engine is out. & they don't do much unless you can tune. You can buy direct fit converters all over the place for cheap.
Dual exhaust also is bad. You'll loose all the TQ. 2.25-2.5 is all you need to run. You could just replace it all with 2.25 piping. However your CE light will be stuck on for the o2's.
No one makes CAI's for a 1st gen. The best your going to do is stick a cone filer on the intake hose with a 3" MAF adpater or a stock K&N panel filter. And again not going to do much.
The best thing you can do for MPG & a good running X is basic maintenance like plugs wires, fuel filter, clean MAS, clean TB etc.