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94 ex ball joints in a 96 ranger knuckle?


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September 7, 2009
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San Diego
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1994 Explorer xlt
hey guys, couple of q's here. im doing the two piston caliper front brake upgrade to my 94 xlt and im trying to put in a set of ball joints for a 94 explorer knuckle in the new knuckle from a 96 ranger. i compared the ball joints from the explorer and the ranger and they look exactly alike.. but when i pressed one in to fit it, it wont poke out far enough to get the snap ring all the way around the base. they look exactly the same to me, but is there something im missing? do i need more torque, or ball joints specially for the 96 ranger knuckle? im super stuck. :us:

...The ball joints for a 95-97 Ranger are the same ones used on the 91-94 Explorer...

..There is an upper and a lower ball joint and each have their own P/N...