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94 x losing power while driving

ok will do, my check engine light came on. did the test and got 111 now i am ???.. but i will go check the fpr now

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would a bad fpr cause bad mpg as well

this was before i found the wet plug.

Its hard to tell while your driving it sounds fine to me on the video. But we can't feel what you feel while driving. I'm not sure what you mean by skipping you mean misfire? When you throttled it and it popped that kinda sounded like misfire. Could be a timing issue with your camshaft sensor or crankshaft sensor.

my camshaft syncro is doing the chirp....could that be a cause of this. yes by missing i mean misfire. it misses or misfires the whole time. you can feel it and hear it no matter if its sitting still or moving.

i did thats why i was confused. my cel came on but the code says its normal.

hey is the test i did....did i do it right?


ok just went for a drive. i started it and...it was misfiring bad. drove it about 3 miles pulled over to unplug the fpr and cap the vac line but as soon as i pulled over it started idling very smooth. so i continued on about a 25 mile drive and did great....i am going to let it sit for about 20 minutes and go start it and see if its misfiring...............

yeap but slightly...fpr next

pulled fpr and this thing is sad condition. the oring was hard its very rusty and looks corroded inside....new fpr coming soon ...the saga continues

can the coolant temp sensor...the one closest to housing.. cause these problems too? pulled mine and it has crap all over the sensor part. and my temp gauge would go from cold to about the r in normal. so even if it does not effect the running of it i am going to change it. also going to put in a 180 tstat in place of the 192.

There are 2 coolant sensors, one for the computer, the other for the gauge. I forget which is which, but if you disconnect it, you should be able to tell by elimination. Someone will come along this evening and say which is which... it is commonly posted, I just haven't been there myself yet.

i think the one i pulled is for the gauge.

oh and i have came to the conclusion that i really like this truck....just about everything else that has given me this much trouble got sold or junked....so i guess i will be keeping it....just wish is was a automatic.........future project...lol

just spent all this money and time on this thing and today i find the problem....i got to my son's house and shut the truck off. went to start it after picking him up and nothing.... he pulled on the batt cable and it fired but was running real bad. got it home with the truck going from running good and barely running. started checking all cable connections....all looked great until i got to the ground that bolts to the block...it was just hanging there...the only grounds were like 16-18 gauge wires and only about 3 of them. getting new grounds and hots tomorrow.....hopefully this is the problem......

will the camshaft syncro cause the misfire. everytime my misfire happens the syncro is chripping.

This may seem silly but have you checked your plugs firing order. You replace wires could got 2 swiched.You say well how can it run if the plug is switched. But it can run just run with a misfire. I would recheck that...

its not that. only misfires after it warms up. has a new fpr, fuel pump,coil, plugs, wires, battery, cables,alternator. it could be dirty injectors like some say. but i want to know if the camshaft syncro will cause misfires because after it warms up and then i restart it about 30 mins later it is misfiring and the syncro is chripping.

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Has anyone figured this out yet? I am still having this exact same problem. It is driving me crazy. Stumbles on a hot start. Drives along great then boom no power right as i hit 55 to 60. Gotta slow down to about 30 then wam all the power is back. Freaking nuts. Never seen anything like it. It only does it if i start it when its already warm. If it is cold when i start it it would drive 100 miles without a problem.