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Need help


April 19, 2005
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Henderson, NV
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1994 XLT
Alright, so my '94 ex is actin up, and hopefully you guys can help nail the problem. It started sputtering almost like it's about to stall out. But i've noticed it only does it when it's in Drive. If it's in Park it's fine.... runs a little rough, but it idles without any power loss or sputtering. I've also noticed that sometimes when it sputters the Power gauge for the battery power drops down to only about a quarter and then jumps right back up when I hit the gas. Along with the sputtering when I go to hit the gas It seems to choke for a moment like it's not getting gas and then it will kick in and jump forward. Just had the Fuel Filter replaced so it's not that. One more side note.... this all started after getting an oil change, tire rotation, and allignment... dunno if that had anything to do with it... but right after that is when it started. Any help is greatly appreciated (sorry for the length, just wanted to give ya as much info as possible) Thanks.