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96 Explorer w/no Radio...?


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June 10, 2010
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Alamogordo, NM
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96 XLT, 4-door
Hi, I bought a 96 with a void in the dash radio opening. The harness had an aftermarket adapter connected to it, which I removed. I've been to the salvage yard twice getting two different Ford Radios. What I have now is Ford #: F67F-18C852-BA, am/fm/cassette, CD option but no CD slot, which is cool with me..! But this unit has no hole to plug the Antenna lead into...what gives..?

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I think you have the deck from the system where the radio tuner is in the back, where the stock amp is.. Are you getting any sound at all, with the CD player at least?

No, you've mis-understood, my vehicle has a radio antenna mounted on the right front quarter panel and the lead for the antenna comes into the dash where the radio goes..!

I know what kind of antenna you have. But some X's have a rear tuner system, where the lead for the antenna goes to the back of the vehicle where the stock amp is located. If that deck has no input for the antenna, then that's the system it's from apparently.

But if you pull the glove box, you can actually see where it comes in from the firewall. so couldn't he either pull the glove box and find the wire and bring it back up. or buy an aftermarket antenna with antenna lead and run it through factory location? or even go pull the parts off an X in a junkyard

His antenna lead already is in the front - but that deck is from the system where the antenna connects in the rear of the vehicle, where the actual radio tuner is located.. So if he wanted a radio with THAT particular deck, he would need the other equipment under the rear quarter panel from the vehicle he got it from..

I have no first-hand experience with that system, but I know about it, and that's what seems like is up judging by the info.. I imagine it would be a BIG hassle removing/installing the tuner too, cuz it would have to get wired from the deck up front (so you'd need all the wires too), and also to the stock amp.. Getting the deck with the front-tuner would be a much better option IMO..

The reason I asked if you had sound at all from the CD player, was cuz I'm not sure if you have the stock amp in your vehicle.. If you don't have one, I don't think that deck would work without it - you would need a regular stock deck with the internal amp..

Okay guy's....I just want a simple am/fm/cassette player radio receiver that'll work in my 96 ex, nothing fancy...if its a got CD section fine, if not, fine... No one can tell me what radio came in the ex from the factory..! I've two wiring harness connectors, 1-has 8-pins but only 6 wires, it's the power plug and its got a Blue wire = AMP trigger. The other connector has 16 pins but only 9 wires = input leads to thge AMP from the radio receiver. Ford used 3 systems in 96, I found that out here on the Forums, Midline, Premium and Audiophile..I'll take the HU I got yesterday, back to the junk-yard and try to find another HU with the same connectors and an Antenna plug in the radio HU.....

Judging by your harness description, you had the premium non-jbl system with stock amp.. I have an F57F-19B165-CG AM/FM/cassette that I pulled outta my '97 when I upgraded, and that's a model that would work in yours (model range was '95-97).. All you gotta be looking for is the right harness plugs (8 and 16 pin) and the antenna input, and you should be all set.

Hey Everyone, I found one this morning at the salvage yard...It the CD-changer and all but I only took the Radio section..! I hooked it up and I've got sound via Radio in all four speakers....sounds great, great volume, bass and teble....everything works..!
Thanks so much for all of your help.....!
The HU I got is F57F-19B165-CG am/fm/cassette, CD- Radio Receiver....it had extra wiring harness for all the CD-Changer stuff, I didnt take any of that....

Hey Ricky,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Was that 3x the description ???????