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96 Explorer Stereo


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May 7, 2004
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96 XLT
The Ford stock Premium stereo cassette player in my 96 exploder is broken. I am wanting to replace the HU with a stock Ford CD player. I talked with a salvage yard and they said that I have to take out the unit to examine the wiring to determine which 96 HU I can install. Does anybody have a quick solution so that I'm not taking the unit out twice?... (I am not interested in purchasing a aftermarket brand HU. I want a Ford unit.)

i have a unit with a 6 cd changer that goes in the arm rest, ill let it go reall cheap. the only thing...it wont play burned or scrached CD's

there is no factory ford CD player that will replace your head unit. Your only option without going aftermarket is to use a CD changer. -OR-A 98+ CD player will fit, but you are going to have to wire it up yourself; it wont just plug into your harness.