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97 2wd SOHC XLT Rebuild


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August 24, 2008
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Millington, TN
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'92 XLT 5spd 4wd
So I have scored a 97 xlt 4dr 4.0 SOHC off of craigslist for 500 bucks. It's fully loaded, power everything, leather, rear air, the whole bit. It needs a front clip, as it was wrecked on the driver's side right in front of the tire. I plan on taking the front clip off of the 96 sport I have that I cannot find a transmission for, and fixing the 97.

I would just keep looking for a transmission for the 96, but it has some pretty rough rust areas on the rockers (well, where the rockers used to be before they rusted away) and the back hatch is completely rusted out, like the full size bronco is infamous for. It needs a rear bumper too.

Anyway, thought I would start a thread documenting this process. I will post pics of the starting point(s) later today.