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97 explorer acceleration problem


January 22, 2010
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san diego
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'97 Eddie Bauer 4L V6 2WD
recently i have been having issues with my explorer. when i put it in drive or reverse and accelerate slowly, it will get to around 1100 rpm then suddenly drop rpms and occasionally stall. It normally happens if im going uphill, for example if I stop at a stop sign at the bottom of a hill and slowly hit the gas it will drop rpms and stall. if i'm going from stop to go on a flat street it doesn't stall or drop rpms, only when I'm going uphill when the rpms are low at a stopped position. it doesn't do this if it's in neutral or park, only when in gear. it appears to be idling just fine. I tried cleaning the IACV twice and that did nothing to help me. I can't figure it out, anyone have an idea???

I would start with the fuel filter. The going uphill problem makes suspect it