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no drive acceleration but have reverse.


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June 13, 2012
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2000 Ford Explorer
today i was driving my CEL popped on & about 5 mins later i lost all power under acceleration. if i gave it gas it wouldnt do anything but want to stall. the rpms wouldnt go up. so i rolled into a parking lot. when i would try to accelerate it felt like a stick shift car trying to start off in 5th gear & just die. but if i put it in P or N the rpms would rev up fine. i put it in reverse & that worked fine. so i tried 1 & 2 & they were just like D nothing but wanting to stall. any ideas what my problem could be. i wasnt able to get the CEL checked to see what the code is because i cant take it anywhere to get tested.

i was trying to check a few things out today & i noticed that the trans fluid was looking a little brown. i had all the fluids changed about a month ago when i had the motor out for the timing. but when looking @ the trans fluid it looked to be almost the same color as the. i remember the people who did the work say that they had had oil leak from somewhere & they lost a good majority of the oil( they did fix where it was leaking from) but what i am wondering is when they refilled the oil if they may have put it in the trans by accident. i did notice that they oil level was low when i got the truck back. could having oil put in the trans cause the a problem with it not wanting to go in drive & want to die out