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97 front diff yoke replacement?


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January 16, 2009
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93/97 4.0 EB/5.0 XLT 4AWD
Although, I suspect the left brake caliper, the truck drags somewhat off/on, on just the driver's side. However, if it might be diff issue, is this a pita project? My axles look good. Again, should it not be my caliper, although the rotor is chewed up, what is the best approach? I priced a used front diff at 260.00, from the junkyard, not bad! What is good all around ratio to have on both the front/rear diffs. Also I will be replacing my diff oil, should the synthetic 85w-140, go in the front? I do plan on using mobil 1 synthetic 75w-90 for the rear. What say you. Also do I really need a felpro paper gasket, or just some sealant. What say you? Thanks in advance!

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