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98 Ex lost power - need help please

You are very welcome. I'm glad to help. :thumbsup:

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Thanks a bunch for the info

:D Awsome info here ny explorer was stolen and when found i had all the semtems as you did same codes everything. I changed #15 fuse and it runs better than ever.

Thanks so much

Anyone ever figured out what was causing this problem???

Was it just the fuse, or was it something causing it to blow?
Hopefully someone found out.
I replaced the fuse in the one I'm helping on, and it runs a bit better, but still something is noticeably wrong with the engine/transmission, indicative of a short I think. Still not driveable. Ford has some TSBs out for multiple codes - transmission, but I can't find much detail on them.
Probably going to Ford tomorrow if we can get it towed up there;
I will post if I find out!!!
If anyone else knows what this is from past experience, please help us out!
mayo302 (usually on www.corral.net/forums)
95 mustang GT

Well, changing the fuse (so far) has solved the problem, #15A in the power distribution box under the hood.
The idle air control valve was also bad, so maybe that contributed to the demise of the fuse. Hard to say, but will re-post if any additional info surfaces!:exp:


Hey DARKOWY did you get your problem fixed. If so what exactly was it.My wife's X just started the same thing last weekend and pulled the same codes except for the last one you listed. Hope you can help me out.

After replacing the fuse, truck ran better but still not right. Took it to Ford and paid $100 to find out it was the idle air control motor that was shorting out. Bought one at O'Reilly's for another $90 and now runs like a top!


I forgot to post what the fix was for my wife's expl. .I changed the blown fuse and the truck ran but I got a code the same day.It was for the driver's side front o2 sensor.I crawled under the truck and found that the heat shield from the axhaust was hanging from the sensor.I went out and bought a new sensor.When I took the old one out I found that a couple of the wires were pretty worn through with one only being connected by about 2 or 3 strands.Well I knew right there that that what was caused the fuse to blow in the first place.After changing the sensor no more problems or codes and the truck runs great.I hope this might help someone else out in the future.NOVICOUPE

Going off what happened to NOVICOUPE i'm thinking that its possible that there is some wiring that is shorting only when it it put in gear/driven due to the engine physically shifting a bit in the mounts when hard throttle is applied and causing some wire to touch a metal part of the truck. The oxygen sensor wires are a good place to look, they're really close to the exhaust. Look at any wiring that might have melted or worn through. Ford gets a stupid award for putting so many critical components on one circuit.


I was throwing the same codes plus a few more, I ended up changing that stupid fuse and everything seems to be going good :knockonwood: Not sure why I blew that fuse but it is fixed for now.

I have had those same codes. After replacing the pcm, it was still doing the same thing. I found out that both Oxygen sensors on both sides were touching the exhaust and blowing the #13 fuse. Just in case anyone wanted to know, lol.