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98 Mazda B5000 race report


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October 22, 2006
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Arvada, Colorado
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2000 Explorer Eddy Bower
I built this truck to fulfill a longtime "in my mind" project. I have a build thread that I will keep all info on the build but I wanted to record the suspension setup and race results in a separate thread.

Link to build
Starkman's Rally Ranger now B5000


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Next weekend 1/12/2018 will be the first ice race of the season.

Our Gang Ice Racing

Pic from 2 years ago.

Pic from last year.

The pics above were in the "street stud" class so I was running Firestone Wintermark studded tires. My competition was almost all cars like an Mitsi Evo 8, Audi S4, WRX, Forester and Imprezas. They are very light and they would pull a half car length out of every turn.

This year I will race the Mazda. It's lighter with more power than the other two Explorers so I'm excited about it being competitive. I will be racing a new class "Street Competition Studs" which allows non street legal tires with longer studs. 2 years ago another Explorer guy raced the exact tires I will be using and he talked of not having enough power to spin them.

Test fitting the ice racing only tires. They are Goodyear Terra tires with normal street studs ( 1/4" longer than designed so they protrude 1/4" from the tread).

They are small but will help with gearing. They are borrowed from a fellow competitor, yes borrowed. There are some great people that ice race.


Well, the ice racing season was cancelled. The temp was too high for too long and the ice never got thick enough. So no race results. Close the 2017/18 season!

Open the 2018 Colorado Rallycross season!


First race, this was the first time I have partisipated in an event like this since 2005. I was a little rusty but gat it hell anyway. The truck fits in the "Mod" class going up against modified rallycars like Evos and STIs. But the little truck did very well and I was about 2 seconds slower then the winner. After looking at the videos I think I left that time out there. Well my ego will think that!

Here are a few pics


Got a little wild with the next series of pics.



I really threw the truck into that turn and hooked a rut on the outside but stayed on the gas and it wasn't that big of a deal.

Here is a link to the video of the run. If you watch closely you can see the 2 wheels up action on the turn at the farthest point.


That looks like fun!
Cool truck too.

Well it's been a year, hopefully the ice will be thick.

I added some really obnoxious flaps to mock the Subaru guys. But they are too obnoxious so I'll remove them soon.

I like those ice flaps, here in Idaho they require mud flaps down to within 10" of the ground. I am like, no friggin way just give me the $10 ticket...my BII with huge mud flaps! YIKES!
That is the only thing about Idaho that I would change HAHAHAHA

Hoping to see you get on the ice in 2018

First race this weekend, waiting...


Had a great time this weekend.

So cool!! I mean seriously that looks like about the most fun you can have in a truck!!! When did you do the roll pan?
Are those the Michellin Ice tires?

Looks like a ton of fun. the engine sounds great and beefy. How did you place?

I used some plastic sheet I got from Speedway Motors for the rollpan. I wanted to visualize before I buy a metal pan.

I placed second behind a Mitsubishi Evo VII, he has been racing for years and has 300 hp. My driving needs some improvement.

Do you need us to track down the evo driver? Maybe they wont make the next race :)
I think your driving looked pretty good, I mean its not like you can practice this type of stuff in the neighborhood!! That Evo has symmetrical AWD and a turbo, that will be tough to compete with!!
Be proud, be very proud

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Here are some good shots of the race