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99ex22's Elite Registry!

Here Is my 1999 XLT. She's all original except for the modifications Ive made, got 163,000 miles on her and is in pretty damn good shape. It was a one owner before me, they took really good care of it, never been hit, and the only scratch on it is on the roof from a tree branch I hit on the trail. The previous owners always had it maintained at their local Ford dealer so all the parts on it are Motorcraft parts. I am constantly changing it and working on it.

Custom Leaf Packs
1" Body Lift
15x8 Crager Soft 8's
33x12.5R15 Cooper A/T's
Cat Back Magnaflow with 2 1/2" Pipe
Midland CB Radio
Smoked tail light's and 3rd brake light
Sylvania Silverstar Bulbs
Hella Comet 500 driving lights
KYB Monomax shocks
Trico Neoform Wipers
A pretty sweet Ford antenna
Clear corner lenses
Krylon Fusion on plastics
Billet Grille
10K pound tow hooks
Class 3 Tow Master Hidden Hitch
Smittybilt tow hook reciever
20% tinted windows
Mountaineer Grille
240W 3 Way Pioneer speakers
Transfer case skid
Gas tank skid
1997 explorer bumper
Grab handles on pillars
Painted pass airbag, vents, glove box black
Throttle cable mod
Brown wire mod

Here is a stock picture. Right around the time the addiction started taking place...
(dead links)

Here she is after Warrior shackles and TT...
(dead links)
Then I got my Soft 8's...
(dead links)
Then I got my 31's....
(dead links)
Then the ugly 3" Body Lift....

Then I went spring over axle in the rear and sloped body lift for a while...then shortly went back to the previous set up....

And then just recently I cut the 3" pucks down to 1" because I couldnt look at all the gaps and crap hanging down anymore that the 3" body lift created....along with the mountaineer grille. So my current set up is 1" Body lift, 2" TT and Warrior Shackles. Out of everything ive tried this is my favorite. I think my next mod now that im a couple inches lower will be a 4" deep by 40" or so roof rack made by rola and slap 4 hella 500"s up on a light bar.

Let me know what you guys think! and give me idea's of what I should do next! Any questions, just ask! Thanks,


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I finally got a job...it's at the #1 Toyota dealer in the state. I might just have to get me a FJ cruiser lol

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congrats on the job and good luck!!

i wouldnt blame you.. i have looked at them. with a 5.5" lift and 35's they are pretty bad ass.

Yeah i know I have always liked them but they have terrible blind spots and the rear window is worthless because the spare tire covers up 40% of it. I drove some tacoma's around today and they're pretty darn nice too but wayyyy out of my price range. Im just gonna stick with the ex for now. At least til it's paid off.

i like the vehicross but they have blind spots too

Great work man! I really like your truck and plan to do the same with mine. I just picked up a 99 XLT 4X4 SOHC in dark blue to fix up. It needs some work to get running. It is going to be my daily driver/ occasional trail rig. I want to lift it just enough to clear 33's.

I see you said that one could get by with just purchasing 1" pucks and using stock bolts? Do you have a link to any available spacers? I tried to find some but was unsuccessful. How are those tires working out for you? Are they a decent tire for street driving? Do they perform well offroad? Some of those tires with large lugs don't seem to be that great for street use.

Hey Russ nice looking Ex! I see you dont live far from me, Im in Portland. I'm actually going from the lowered street look to wanting to lift my Mounty and throwing some 33's under it. I already have my stock wheels/tires back on and have my street wheels/tires on Craigslist. Next I will be removing my EE lowering kit to get it to stock height again. As far as lifts I'm torn right now. I can go the rout like what you did or go with the expensive 4" suspension lift.

What's your opinion on the 4" suspension lift from Superlift? I honestly have always been a suspension lift over body lift kind of person but it's just so expensive. Cheapest I think I've found is around $1800-$1900 and that's not including the front driveshaft that they recommend which is around another $400-$450. Everyone is telling me to go suspension lift but that price is crazy. :rolleyes:

buy it! you can talk them down. Just tell them you know me and I am not a ford mechanic and it's got more than 160,000 miles on it, it's the original paint. Not "custom" It doesnt have a rear locker or a 4" suspension lift. It's also got the death rattle.

They made up practically everything in that craigslist posting.