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A/C Problem... I think?


December 9, 2007
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Miramar, FL
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1996 V8
I have a 95 Limited Explorer and I'll try to make as much sense as possible here.

Just as I was coming home today the A/C stopped blowing and it felt like the heat or vents were started blowing, but not coming through (as if something was blocking it).

It's a weird thing... when on Max A/C or fan I can feel the coldness of the air, but it isn't blowing through. It smells like the heat is on when I turn on the a/c.

It was on max a/c (it's hot here in South Florida!) if that matters. I checked the fluids and they looked okay, I didn't notice any hoses busted or loose.

ANY input is greatly appreciated.


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Turned the air on today and it's only exiting through the defrosters on an option (floor, vent, a/c, etc.).

Sounds like a door vent is broken. You might want to take a peak inside there. Was there any hissing noise like a hose blew on the A/C? I would check the integrity of the a/c system and do some pressure tests.

The air flow direction door, or the actuator has gone bad. The actuator is a vacuum type, check to make sure you didn't lose vacuum to the system.

Thanks for the replies.

No, there is/was no hissing noise when this happened, just heard a click like a setting was changed and it started blowing from the defrosters. My dad said he had this problem once before, mentioning it could be the door vent again.